Peculiar Plants Challenge

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Last Update: 17/04/2021 6:00pm UTC - Completed  
Write about an interesting or cool plant species & win epic goodies from Kobold Press!
Write all about your plant species, what do they look like? How are they unique? Do they have any uses? There are plenty of floral ideas just waiting to be combined and shown off! Plants can become incredibly complex, or remarkably simple. The usages or dangers of plants can be just as varied, so this should be a great way to breath (or photosynthesize) some more life into your world.
— The Challenge
  The plant challenge has been a blast and the amount of likes and feedback being thrown around as been mindblowing to say the least! But in this article I do want to put it all into stats and numbers and also highlight some amazing people of this community. But we will get to that in a bit.  


There have been 183 articles submitted to this challenge. In total 209,719 words have been written, that's more than "The Fellowship of the Ring"! And two thirds of "A Game of Thrones"!


Articles 183 Wordcount 209,719
Likes 3,126 Comments 1,284
Images 402 Quotes 299
Alouds 52 Maps 11
Others / Unknown9


Wordclouds show the distribution of words in a given text, in this case the whole challenge. The bigger the word, the more often it appeared in an article
Plants Wordcloud
Plants Wordcloud
Top Words: plant (1116), tree (558), trees (495), flowers (470), plants (443), grow (425), flower (399), leaves (399), seeds (362), used (358), time (301), species (295), water (294), use (281), roots (264), small (254), years (252), known (246), growth (245), long (233)


There have been 1,284 comments, by 184 different authors, written on challenge articles for a grand total of 113,766 words! If we take all the comments, and print them into a book it would be longer than "The Hobbit"! This does only include comments and replies on other peoples works.   But there are three people I have to mention explicitly here. Three anvilites who went full in on commenting and helping:

Eternal Sage Kefkejaco

Feel free to check out my River challenge article and my Secrets in the swamp Adventure article if you want to see what I am up to!

Kefkejaco was the first to read and reply to every single article. You've read this right, every. single. one!

Eternal Sage AmélieIS

Amélie I. S. Debruyne
To see what I am up to, my latest article is a choose-your-own-adventure story featuring a job interview to become one of the Dark Lord's evil minions :D

Amélie also read and replied to every single article. Took her longer than Kefkejaco, but who would have guessed it takes a while if you write over 43.000 words! That's a short novel!
Michael has commented on every single article as well! The crazy part? They started after the challenge entries closed, so they read all of it in one week!

Honorable Mentions

There have been many incredibly helpful people during this challenge. So here are few honorable mentions, who actively commented on many articles as well.
Name Comments Replies Words
xtremepsy (Mark Laybolt) 104 29 10,119
thechangeling (TC) 85 5 4,752
Serukis (Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull) 58 3 2,243
Pouaseuille (Pouaseuille) 42 10 6,447


All Articles

Below you can find a alphabetical list of all submissions.
Note: The groups are assigned by doing a keyword search on the articles. It's a best effort approach and might classify a few articles incorrectly. If this happens please let me know and I will change it manually


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12 Apr, 2021 11:44

My Numbthorn is appealing its classification as flower and would like to stab you!   Cheers for the detailed summary! =D

12 Apr, 2021 11:45

My Numbthorn is now pleased and withdraws its threat.

12 Apr, 2021 12:53

Stats! This is so cool.

Author of Fillimet, bright fantasy land of possibilities, and Vazdimet, its darker spacefaring future.
12 Apr, 2021 13:03

Stats!! Also look at me go in honourable mentions :') Awesome work you're doing!

Author of Interarcanum !
12 Apr, 2021 13:41

Really appreciated your stats throughout the challenge Satrium ^^ It really kept me going and was the cause of the friendly competition with Amélie :p   And you actually made it into a very pretty article! And of course thanks for the mention there ^^

Feel free to check out my River challenge article and my Secrets in the swamp Adventure article if you want to see what I am up to!
12 Apr, 2021 15:37

This is so cool! I love the detailed summary! :D

Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
15 Apr, 2021 11:51

This is just amazing Thank you for doing it.

Check out Bü‘ükopo Oabü, my entry for the Rivers & Waterways Challenge
15 Apr, 2021 20:24

I really like this way of presenting challenge articles. The word maps and article classifications are cool bits of information - it's interesting to see the parallels between articles as a sort of measure of where our collective minds are at when we're working on these projects.   Minor note: Penrose Fescue is more of a grass than it is a flower for most of its life cycle.

Come check out The Manifold Sky: Five-Dimensional Dieselpunk Action   My Current challenge article - The Blue Silk River - is now live!
15 Apr, 2021 20:44

Thank you! I thought this information was quite interesting, so I shared it. Changed your Penrose Fescue to a grass. Apparently my program just went "Penrose, yeah has to be a flower."

Feel free to check out my worlds, characters and original music here: SatriumHub
Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
16 Apr, 2021 20:49

This shows some dedication. Like wow man. Great work putting this together and good on you for providing it. Thanks!

Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
16 Apr, 2021 21:00

I should add an "official" comment on the article page. Thanks for all your work Satrium, keeping us up to date during the challenge and then going through the effort of making this amazing page XD I love all those stats!

To see what I am up to, my latest article is a choose-your-own-adventure story featuring a job interview to become one of the Dark Lord's evil minions :D
19 Apr, 2021 15:11

Wow, thank you for your effort putting into this work, that's amazing! I want to mention, that my Earth Digger Cap is not a shroom, it is a herbaceous plant :)

27 Apr, 2021 15:57

wow! This is truly amazing. Not just the stats, but the sheer organization of the data---I love being able to look things up so easily through this page.   THANK YOU!!

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