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Four years during which humanity almost went extinct, and it probably won't ever rule the world again.
Four years when all their saviors failed.
Four years when The Curtain has fallen, the Lords took over, and the Beasts have awoken.
Four years The Prophecy has predicted. But it didn't predict the ending we got.  

How the end has started

The beginning was a complete surprise for humanity.
The Lords have somehow intercepted the satellites, radio towers, and major social media sites.
At the same time, all of the TVs, radios, phones, and sites all around the world played one sound. It was The Word. The announcements of The Word have been repeated once every hour for two weeks before they have been stopped. Just because of the first broadcast, around 90% of humanity has died or turned into Lords (increasing their forces 700 times).   An hour later 100 Beasts showed up all over the world, destroying everything in their path, starting from major cities of the countries with the strongest armies. At the same time, some Lords moved to the places, where The Curtain is the thinnest, and they started ripping it apart when other ones spread the chaos and destruction all around the globe.
That's when the Faceless Ones were sent to stop the destruction of The Curtain. And that is when the Lords used the Word that Warps, destroying the forces of Faceless Ones by turning them into the monsters called Warped Ones.  

The losing war

Without the help of the ZODIAC or The Created, there was almost no way to stop the Lords. Not for humans or the Faceless Ones. They managed to kill some of them by creating ambushes or fighting the ones who didn't want to use the Warping Word. But that wasn't enough.
Three years have passed and unstopped Lords finally managed to break down the Curtain. That was the final nail in the coffin for humanity.
Lords started claiming the lands as their own, creating Dominia, terraforming surroundings to their own whim, and then hidden in their Towers, leaving them only if strong enough invader showed up. Beasts went to sleep or started wandering the planet. They didn't have to continue the war as the spirits from beyond the Curtain made the planet almost impossible place for humans to live on.
The remaining humans live in settlements covered in the charms or ancient spells that don't let nonhuman creatures to enter. They will never recover.

The Conflict


Whole world


The surviving humans still try to live in places safe from the creatures that came from beyond the Curtain.
Included Conflicts
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
4/10/-1, that became 5/10/0, the first day of The Extinction
Ending Date
13/7/4, the day when Lords crushed every major force opposing them and went to the Towers in the lands they ruled (their Dominia)



  • All human armies that survived the first transmission of The Word and their arsenal
  • The Created (almost none of them showed up after the fall of the Creation Project)
  • All of the Faceless Ones
  • ZODIAC (disappeared just before the conflict)
70000 Lords (100 at the start of the conflict)
100 Beasts
Countless spirits from beyond The Curtain


The fate of the Created and ZODIAC is unknown as they didn't show up.
Most of the Faceless have been turned into the Warped Ones, with single individuals surviving.
99,9% of humanity has been wiped out.
~1000 Lords
70 Beasts
Not enough of the spirits


To survive the attack of the Lords, stop them from transmitting The Word, keep the Curtain up, and to neutralize the Beasts.
To exterminate humanity, take over the world, and destroy The Curtain.


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