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The Creation Project

The beginning

As soon as the location of one of the first of the Beasts has been discovered, humans tried to find a way to defeat them or harness their powers for their own good. This has been found especially difficult, as the Beasts have an amazing healing factor that renders most of the modern-day weaponry completely useless.
Researchers have taken many samples of their tissue they tested and analyzed. They couldn't find any way to stop the Beasts in the prophetic future (The Prophecy).  

The Creator

That was until the man now known only as The Creator has shown up.
He was a genius in the fields of genetics, biotechnology, and bioengineering. He was one of the only people that successfully extracted the genetic code of one of the Beasts and started experimenting on it. The madman even came up with an idea to insert the part of the Beasts' DNA into human stem cells. This resulted in a very fast growing specimen that sadly died because it would outgrow its test-tube in a matter of minutes. This discovery has fascinated The Creator.  

The first one

He invited his friends, exceptional men in the fields of engineering and robotics, that would help him create the prototypes of the Growth Chambers. Growth Chambers gave specimens enough space for their fast growth while providing the right mixture of nutrients. After many further experiments with the stem cells and Beast DNA, the first specimen reached maturity and was able to survive out of the Growth Chamber indefinitely. It looked and thought like a human, but it shared many aspects and abilities with the Beast it was created from, like rapid healing factor and increased endurance, strength, reflexes, and inhuman abilities.
The species of the specimen were called The Created.
A year later, after continuous work and expansion, the Creator founded The Creation Project.  

The Creation Project

The three branches

Few years after The Creation Project was formed, The Creator has fallen sick and he had to leave the control over the organization to the ruling committee. One of the first decisions of the new management was to split the fast-growing organization into the three branches that would build their facilities in different parts of the world. This decision was made to reduce the response delay in case some of the Beasts awakened before the prophesied time.
That is when Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto were created, each with different means to reach the common goal.  


Jupiters' main philosophy is to overpower their enemy.
Researchers of Jupiter spend a lot of time to make sure that the new Created will be born without any flaws.
As such, the ratio of the Failed Ones to fully created specimens measures around 1:3.
The nicknames of the Created that serve here are references to ancient gods and demigods.  


Neptunes' main philosophy is to find and exploit any weakness enemy has.
The abilities of The Created here often let them distract their target, immobilize it or pierce deeply into it.
Their Failed Ones' ratio is 20:1.
Their nicknames are based on the spirits of the water and beings that could warp senses of their prey.  


People working in the Pluto believe that experimenting with the DNA of the Beasts lets them discover more about their enemy, analyze them, and create measures that counteract them, such as new weapons and technologies.
As such, The Created here are more unstable and aggressive and need more measures to control them, such as implanting every single one of them with explosives that would destroy every single cell of their bodies, so they cannot regenerate anymore.
They are also the only branch that has introduced the Chaos Level classification of their Created and ECL (Estimated Chaos Level). The Failed Ones' ratio is 300:1.
Pluto is also the only facility, where testing with stem cells of other animals was conducted, which led to the creation of the Chimera. Their nicknames are mostly based on the great beasts from different mythologies.  

New direction and new technologies

While growing, The Creation Project needed more and more funds to further the development of new technologies they wanted.
But the funds they were getting in order to prevent the Extinction weren't enough, so the organization needed to find new ways to earn more money. At some point, the ruling committee figured it out. They had a large number of soldiers at their disposition that was strong enough to face ancient beasts, so why not rent them to the highest bidders.
That's when The Creation Project started fiddling with the mercenary work.   The researchers of the organization also discovered that if a really small amount of the Beast DNA is used to make a Created, it will be almost indistinguishable from a human. The only major difference will be that such Created (as every Created) will not suffer from any human illnesses. After leaving it to grow completely and then giving it some time to "ripen", it could be then harvested for organs to sell to those who need them for the right price. That's when The Creation Project created their first "organ farms".

Public Agenda

At first, the goal of The Creation Project was to find a way to destroy the Beasts and help humanity. When The Creator wasn't in the charge anymore, main goal slowly shifted to earning more and more money.


Several years before the Extinction, some Created became more and more unhappy with their life and decided to fight the organization. One of them, known as number 6 "Volf" (6 - Volf) somehow deserted and avoided being killed by the explosives in his body that would prevent him from doing so. He then proceeded to hunt and murder every member of the ruling committee.
When this job was done, he decided also to get rid of the mysterious Creator. He has been missing ever since and it is unknown if he succeeded in his quest.
  His actions led to the downfall of The Creation Project and made it impossible to launch a counterattack against the Beasts during the Extinction.
Founding Date
43 Before the Extinction
Military, Mercenary Group
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