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The Prophecy

Around fifty years ago researchers in northern Europe have found an ancient wall covered in inscriptions.
It spoke about the end of times for humanity and how to prevent it.
It spoke about great Beasts waiting for their masters in slumber and their locations.
It spoke about The Word that would start it all and to never seek it out.
It spoke about the Lords, who would come and recreate the world to suit them.
It spoke about The Curtain, a barrier separating material world from the spiritual one and how it would start to fall apart, filling the world with the beings that shouldn't be.
It spoke how to contain those beings with spiritual warriors created by ritual even more ancient than the text.
It spoke about twelve heroes that would show up just before the end to save the world.
It spoke that humanity would have only half of the century after rediscovering The Prophecy.   At first, no one believed in the actuality of the inscriptions on the wall.
They thought it was the work of just another culture that tried to predict the end of times.
However, few researchers decided to check the places where the Beasts should sleep.
What was surprising, was that according to the text, the Beasts should be located all around the world.
They expected to find more ruins, maybe another wall from the past.
They didn't expect to find enormous, living creatures.   The news was hidden from humanity as to not cause the mass panic.

Aftermath of the discovery

Some researchers focused on the way to contain or destroy the Beasts.
They started experimenting with samples of their flesh to find any weaknesses.
They created new lifeforms.
As such The Creation Project was founded.   Some focused on the spiritual world behind The Curtain.
Following the texts speaking about the ritual, they created a first Faceless One.
They became The Faceless.   Some focused on finding the twelve heroes that would become the ZODIAC.

Historical Basis

The biggest evidence for the actuality of The Prophecy is the existence of the Beasts and the discovery of the world behind the Curtain.
  According to the texts of The Prophecy the events described within them happened at least once, however, they were stopped with the help of the twelve heroes and the Faceless Ones of their time.


Right until the end (Extinction), the discovery and the content of The Prophecy were known only to chosen few.
Those chosen were the brightest scientists of the world, the heads of the most influential countries, some military leaders and the head members of organizations created to stop the end of the world.
Date of First Recording
According to the examination of the wall, it was created somewhere around 3500BC.
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