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The warriors of which The Prophecy has spoken,
The mercenaries, who knew the war better than their own reflections,
The blessed ones, who could change the fate of the world,
The traitors, who left it behind to burn.
  ZODIAC was a mercenary organization that tried to find all of the "twelve heroes" that The Prophecy has talked about.


Once the Taurus has shown up, she took over the position of the one who controls the supplies the organization has amassed.
Every one of the twelve heroes works independently, some of them having groups of suppliers under them.
All of them are contacted by the intelligence network in case of any major conflict. Then heroes start bidding who will take part in it, as they never work together or against each other.

Public Agenda

ZODIAC was created to find and supply the prophesied twelve heroes to prevent the Extinction. They thought the heroes would be the people who would need training and experience of the battlefield.
However, all of the "heroes" were already the people experienced in the art of war and organization changed into the mercenary group while waiting for the Extinction.


One month before the Extinction, everyone from ZODIAC has disappeared.   Because of that, ZODIAC has failed.

The thrill of the war

Founding Date
37 before the Extinction
Military, Mercenary Group
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Notable Members
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