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The Word

Thirty years before the Extinction, in a village, somewhere in northern Russia, a group of kids went out to play and never came back.
After a few days of looking for them, the search party discovered a cave they never heard about.
Suspecting that the kids went inside the cave, they went after them.
They spent hours going down and down until they found a big chamber.
The kids were there. However, all of them but one lied lifeless on the floor.
The only remaining boy pointed up behind himself to something scrawled on the wall.
When the adults saw it, they all dropped dead.
For the child was not human anymore and they have seen The Word.   The sound that never should be found.
The gift of power to some,
The death for most.
The bringer of the end.
The Word   Texts of The Prophecy warned that searching for The Word would bring death.
Those who read the warning agreed to not seek out its location.
But it wanted to be found out.

What is The Word?

The Word is a part of the language of the Lords, but anyone can understand and read it, even if they are deaf, blind or never learned to read.
Whenever someone sees or hears it, two things can happen.
In most cases, the person dies, all of their life functions just stop.
But there is a one in seven million chance that deep inside someone something awakens.
Such a person would then change into the Lord.   During Extinction Lords used that property of The Word to kill and to recruit more of themselves by spreading it through the media - the radio, TV, and Internet.
Out of the all means of eradication of humanity, it killed the most.
Metaphysical, Supernatural


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3 Jul, 2023 10:34

That is scary. I wonder to what lord did that russian kid turn into...

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