Warped One

The being so twisted by its own fears that it almost forgets who it was.
That "almost" is the saddest part when dealing with the Warped One.
Whenever the Faceless One hears the Warping Word of the Lords or loses control over their feelings and lets their instinct take over them, the Nightmare inside of them goes amok to the point it starts ripping, twisting, and changing their body.   Because of that, they (Faceless Ones) are almost useless in a fight with Lords, as any of them can use that Word anytime they want. During the Extinction about 79% of Faceless Ones have been killed, 20% have been turned into the Warped Ones, and 1% survived.

Basic Information


The look and the abilities of the Warped Ones change from one individual to another and there were no two specimens that looked the same.
The number of their limbs, the state of the matter they are in, and their size can vary drastically.
The changes that occur are however connected to the abilities the Faceless One had before changing and their deepest fears.

Genetics and Reproduction

They do not reproduce.

Growth Rate & Stages

Unless their Nightmare lets them change, the Warping is the only transformation they go through.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Like the Faceless Ones, they do not need to eat anymore (since The Curtain has fallen), however many of them try to devour anything they kill. It lets them soothe their fear, even if for a short while.

Additional Information

Social Structure

If at any point the two of them happen to meet, they'll start to fight until one of them dies. If during their duel they notice anything other than them, they'll focus their attack on the intruder first, before returning to their duel.

Facial characteristics

Their artificial bodies twist and turn often destroying their masks and creating beast-like heads.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

All over the globe.

Average Intelligence

It can vary. Some of them retain some shard of their consciousness, but most of them turn completely savage, acting like beasts and attacking anything that lives.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

They are still called the same names they hade before being Warped.

Common Taboos

If their Nightmare has given them any taboo before, it will now be stronger with harsher punishment for breaking it (even resulting in their death).
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Theoretically immortal
Average Height
1,3 - 30 meters
Average Weight
40 - 20000 kg
Average Length
Up to 50 meters


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