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Tungl syrin

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Tungl syrin, also known as the Lunar lilac, thrives along rocky river banks and the shores of Lake Kyrrmane. This exquisite flower begins its journey underwater before resurfacing in a celestial spectacle. Its petals, ranging from pale-violet to white-blue, with a brilliantly fine pearlescent sparkle, converge to delicate points, while their undersides, modestly adorned in dull green, reveal their true colors only under the moon's glow.   When night descends and the moon graces the sky, the Tungl syrin emerges from its watery slumber, captivating all with its nocturnal dance. Its bulbous root, a coveted treasure, offers a comforting warmth and is cherished as a spice, elevating dishes to culinary marvels. Though hidden within the borders of rocky banks and tranquil waters, this flower remains a delicacy of the Oksmun.  

A spice from the root

The Tungl syrin root offers a unique flavor that intertwines warm and earthy notes, with a hint of a gentle, zesty kick. Its taste is a blend of comforting spiciness and subtle, aromatic undertones, making it a delightfully intriguing addition to any dish.  

    A warm beverage

    A warm and comforting beverage renowned for its health benefits and delightful taste. With a a subtly sweet, creamy, and aromatic concoction with a pleasant spiciness that gently warms the palate.   The texture of this golden-beige/golden-vanilla coloured milk is velvety and smooth, owing to the creamy milk base. Each sip feels comforting, like a cozy embrace, making it an ideal choice for relaxation and unwinding.

    A hearty meal

    A delectable beef dish accompanied by a wholegrain salad. Blendeded with the natural sweetness of honey, this dish balances the flavours of savory, sweet and spicy. A nutritious and warming meal, fit for a hardy people.   The tender beef is coated in coated in finely ground Tungyl syrin root and glazed with honey creating a spiciness that isn't overpowering but adds a pleasant kick to the overall taste.

An elegant dye

The petals of the Tungl syrin, with their ethereal shades ranging from pale-violet to white-blue, possess a mesmerizing quality, a pearlescent sparkle that glimmers like fine glitter. This enchanting attribute proves to be a wondrous gift for artisans and craftspeople, as the petals yield a captivating dye that transforms soft, thin linens, sheer fabrics, and delicate clothing items into objects of pure enchantment.   With every sway and movement, the pearlescent sparkle of Tungl syrin-dyed fabrics casts a bewitching but exquisite display of hues across every raised edge.
Scientific name
Nyctanthus Spatiolum
Average dimensions
Petal length: 20mm,
Five pale-violet to white-blue petals per flower, wide tapering leaves and thick tuberous roots
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Aug 4, 2023 20:04 by Deleyna Marr

I'm curious if that beautiful dye also glows in moonlight. The taste and properties of this plant sound very appealing!

Aug 4, 2023 20:50 by Fall

The plant itself, nor the dye glow as such, but the flower does open under moonlight as it's a nocturnal bloomer. The petals and dye have a natural and incredibly fine pearlescent shimmer to them though and that, if light was shone on it, would sparkle at night for sure!   Thank you so very much for taking the time to leave a comment, and tell me your thoughts. Comments are incredibly cherished! <3