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The Void

The Void is a mostly unknown place, as dangerous as it is mysterious. Despite this though it is useful in some ways to the magical community as it's properties and nature allow for interesting effects.


The Void's geography is hard to map, even for those that can spend prolonged periods there with no ill effect. While there have been things such as mountains, rivers, planes, and forests observed it is impossible to tell what is real from what is illusion. In addition to that no one has been able to map the area due to it's seemingly ever changing nature. Though it is unknown if it truly changes or if the portals into the void simply deposit people in random locations each time.


From what has been observed it is a relatively desolate place, there is not much in the way of life. In fact aside from the Fae Temp Name and the Void Seekers, there has been no other intelligent life noted. There are however a number of flowers, herbs, and grasses to be found. While they originated from the Void the Fae no longer call it home and any knowledge they may have had is either lost or they refuse to share. This leaves the only observable impact on the enviornment to be that of the Void Seekers, monsterous creatures that devour everything in their path.

Localized Phenomena

While entry to The Void can be made intentionally there is also an ever present danger presented by the regular appearances of 'rifts' that open randomly. These rifts open a path between the world of Vasea and The Void which exist parrallel to eachother. The danger inherent in this is that Void Seekers will use this path to enter Vasea and to destroy everything they come across until such a time as they can be defeated. Since there is no known way to prevent rifts from occuring the only course of action available is to close them as quickly as possible.


The Void was completely unknown until the disastorous downfall of the Ancients whose unrestrained use of world altering magic is blamed for the weakening of the 'veil' between the two. While what happened exactly is unknown it is believed that the Void always existed but was never a threat and could not effect Vasea as a whole due to this invisible divide. However when world alterning magics were being thrown around with little care it destabalized the magics that maintained the veil and ripped a whole allowing for those that resided within to cross into Vasea. Shortly after this happened the few remaining Ancients led by Zerachiel Vretiel managed to combine their magical prowess and seal the rift, though it did not entirely repair the damage done.
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