Void Walker

The Void Walkers serve a very important role in the world and are often in contact with the leaders of all reaches of the empire. This helps them to protect the general population from the tears in The Void .



Anyone seeking to become a Void Walker must first go through a series of tests to show their resiliance to the void and it's effects on one's mind and body. If they pass the test then they are pushed through to general training which will ultimately decide their fate.

Career Progression

Every Void Walker begins at the rank of trainee which is the test run of their potential, from there they become recruits. As they prove their ability to survive and handle the situations that happen, they rise to positions of Rookie, soldier, knight, senior, and then veteran. At the rank of Senior they usually have been a Void Walker for the long enough to potentially be considered for the role of Pathfinder of the Void.

Other Benefits

All basic needs and requirements are provided for free no matter where a Void Walker travels. The organization they are part of also acts as a support system to provide everything that one needs for healthcare as well.



Void Walkers serve as the empire's defense against the emminite threat of the Void. They are the only ones who can resist the void and handle long term exposure. In addition to their roles as defenders of the empire they serve as scholars who study the void and it's uses and ecentricities.

Social Status

They are reveereed and respected for their efforts, though by the majority of the population they are seen more as figures of childs tales and myth.


The percentage of the population that can serve as Void Walkers is very small despite the fact that there are Void Walkers from all of the peoples of the world.


Dangers & Hazards

The Void is a volatile place and as such death is a high possibility for those who wish to explore, understand, and combat it. A well known risk that many end up facing all to young.
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