Pathfinder of the Void

The Pathfinder of the Void is an important figure in the empire due to the nature of the Void Walker Organization and the defense only they can offer. The importance of the title and what it represents might not be be understood by all but it is respected none the less.


Exceptional prowese in combat, proven both in basic and elite training as well as battlefield aplications. They must also have substantial experience with traveling The Void as well as in combat and research.


To be the Pathfinder of the Void one must have first been a full member of the Void Walkers for at minimum of ten years. They must also have a demostrateable knowledge of The Void and the known workings of it. They must also have gained the respect and trust of their fellows and the current Pathfinder.


The current Pathfinder chooses who they want to be their successor from a group of canidates that are voted for by the members of the organization. From there they begin training and tests to prove they meet the requirements before the title is passed on.


To handle all concerns and issues within the organization, provide for the members, and to organize all operations and oversee the research done into The Void and make sure they are ethical and safe.


To manage resources, organize operations, keep the governmental powers informed, oversee the publication of useful research and data about The Void, and to maintain presence in all areas of the Empire.


The Pathfinder of the Void is afforded a title of both noble and military honor as well respect. This also includes the weight of their opinion on matters that would usually not involve them. They are also housed in the home of the local leaders no matter where they go within the empire.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The Emperor has the ability to remove the current Pathfinder from power if it is discovered they are abusing their power and the honor of the title. In addition they can also be removed from power if a majority of the Void Walker's agree that they have lost faith in the leadership.


Much like the actual history of the Void Walker organization the origin of the title as well as it's historical meaning has been lost to time. It is often regarded as something that has simply been a fact of life since the introduction of the organization. What is known though, is that at the founding of the Empire the Void Walkers' swore their alligience to the Empire and signed treaties that gave the Emperor rights to monitor and even interfere if necessary.

Cultural Significance

The Pathfinder of the Void is often seen as a figure similar to a fairytale knight by many. Their main influence on culture is their apperance in children's tales that are meant to fascinate and inspire children, while simultaneously warning them away from misbehaving or wandering at night or alone.
Nobility, Military
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Lord of the Void
Source of Authority
The Emperor
Length of Term
Until death or resignation
Current Holders
Reports directly to
Related Locations
Related Organizations
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