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A world split between the land of the humans and the lands of magic, humanity believes themselves alone though some have questioned the great wood at the edge of the world but never truly explored due to the dangers inherent in the forest. Deep within that forest lies the great divide, a magical curtain constructed ages ago to keep the peace and then forgotten by all of man. Beyond that divide is the Alatheia Empire, a single banner under which all that is magical unites. Ruled by the last of the dragons, a formidable man Rai both established and has ruled the empire for roughly 300 years in peace.   However not all is peaceful in the realm and ancient powers are beginning to wake as tensions stir between some of the races. Rai is still barely more than a child to his own long-lost people, and the demands of the people get harsher every day as their own mortality leads them to fear the future of the empire if something should happen to him. Between political intrigue, ancient magic, teenage angst, and needing to appease the realm with marriage Rai attempts to maintain balance in all things.