Creation of the Rift

The creation of the Rift was a traumatic moment in history though how it was created is a source of constant debate. That said there is at least one legend that is the most popular given what little is known about the Ancients and what they were capable of.


According to the legend the ruler of the Ancients decided to see if they could create another world, given what they had already achieved on Vasea. They were so determined that they could do it that they called all the greatest minds of their people together to pool their magic into the project. However, the gods were angry at the arrogance of the Ancients and interupted the spell and tore the fabric of reality to punish them, thus resulting in the rift.

Historical Basis

HIstorically it is known that when the Void was discovered there was a rift between the two realms, a rift that almost consumed Vasea and led to the downfall of the Ancients. The entire event was stopped by the efforts of Zerachiel Vretiel and the Last Stand of the Ancients. Though the actual cause of the Rift is completely unknown.


This particular telling of the story is by far the most popular spanning most of the empire in some iteration. Most of the stories are nearly identical leading some to believe it more true than other theories and legends due to the wide spread nature.

Variations & Mutation

The main variation in the story is whether or not there was more than one Ancient soceror responsible for the Rift. Otherwise there are versions of the story that say that the gods allowed the spell to complete but corrupted what was created instead.

Cultural Reception

The legend has led to a generalized fear across almost all people towards anything related to the Ancients. Leading to the importance of the Declaration of Ancient Studies that was published when study of the ancient world first became an interest.
Date of First Recording
Passed on through stories, first recorded in writing 231 Era Draconis
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