Void Walkers

The Void Walkers are an important group that many often forget about. Without them the empire, or rather the entire world, would be plunged into chaos as The Void would open and devour everything.


The Pathfinder of the Void is the head of the organization below whom the majority of the Void Walkers serve. Beyond them are the researchers, the medics, and the quartermasters most of whom do not travel the void alone or for extended periods.


The Void Walkers as a whole are a rather strange lot, as their only true goal is to protect the realm of Vasea from the ever present threat The Void presents to everyone and everything. Beyond that shared goal there is not much in the way of commonality between them and they take great pride in this fact, though they are often also seen as ecentric and odd by outsiders.

Public Agenda

To seal the tears in the Veil and to keep the influence of @The contained and controlled. They also strive to increase knowledge and understanding of the phenomena and the potential uses of it.


The needs of the Void Walkers are provided for free regardless of where in the empire they are, this however only refers to housing, food, drink, weapons, armor, medical and travel supplies, and any magical components needed for wards or operations. They are also alotted a certain ammount annually to with which to pay their members a decent amount for anything not covered by the free service offered to those within the organization.


While the exact date has been lost to time, the Void Walkers trace their origins to shortly after the final stand of the Ancients and the sealing of the rift. That final stand however was not the end of the battle to keep the void away as regularly smaller tears in the veil occur and with them many people would loose their lives and/or their sanity to seal them. It is unknown how it was discovered that there was a small portion of the population that were immune to the pyschosis inducing properties of The Void, this knowledge however led to the creation of the organization and a renewal of hope that The Void could be kept at bay and life could be preserved.   Since the founding the Void Walkers have been responsible of many breakthroughs regarding the realm, including but not limited to, the discovery of portal magic and the time limits the average person can survive with no ill effects in The Void at one time. Further they have discovered several unique flora specimens that they continue to study, each with different characteristics.
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