Kaimon Voidwalker

Sir Kaimon Voidwalker (a.k.a. Kai) (He/They)

Kaimon is a very adventurous soul, kind and carking but also fiercely protective and dangerous if needed.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Kaimon is both young and fit with plenty of muscle but none that is extremely bulky. He is both sturdy and lean and incredibly agile for his height and size.

Body Features

While he primarily takes after his father in the fact at first glance he appears to be a Zrugozz, Kuzma bears a draconic tail the same color as his fur. This is due to his mother being a Nenzubis.

Facial Features

His most striking facial features are his glowing blue eyes that are the result of both his mother's heritage as well as te extensive ammount of time he has spent interacting with the void. Otherwise his features are relatively soft and lupine in nature, giving him an effimenite look for one who is considered primarily Zrugozz.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Both of Kaimon's parents were Void Walkers, and as such at a young age he was tested to see if he had the potential to follow them in their work. He was found compatible with the profession and began training imediately. A fact that excited him as The Void provided both mystery and adventure, two things he adored. This love for the work never faded as he took up a sword and joined the rest rising through the ranks quickly as a prodigee. His main goals for his work though have changed, where before he sought adventure for the sake of adventure, he now seeks knowledge and understanding that will help others.


As a young prodigee among the Void Walkers, Kaimon was brought to the attention of Rai Reirha who saw fit to fund his education to the most renowned schools of magic, combat, and innovation.


Currently Kaimon serves as a senior Void Walker and prospective heir to the title of Pathfinder of the Void.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Kaimon is the youngest among his fellows to achieve the rank of senior. This is in part due to his relentless search for knowledge and understanding about the void. A hunt that has led to him discovering several new species of flora within the Void as well as magic resistant properties found within Void Seekers fur.

Failures & Embarrassments

His greatest failure happened at the age of 18 when he foolishly led a single group of Void Walkers into battle to seal a tear which resulted in the deaths of three of his fellows.

Mental Trauma

He has never forgiven himself for the deaths of his fellows due to his own arrogance and refuses to make the same mistake again.

Morality & Philosophy

Kaimon is a srtict believer in helping others as much as one can. If there is something he can do to improve the life of another in some way, that doesn't break the law, he will do it. That said he is also a firm believer that those who stand against the law, at the least imperal law, should be punished for their crimes.

Personality Characteristics


He is driven by a need and want for adventure as well as a deep-seated wish to help others. He wants desperately to turn the void which to many is a terrifying and inexplicable place, into something useful and helpful.
28 years
Date of Birth
43rd of Dolas, 1975 Age of the Great Dragon
Glowing neon blue
Midnight Black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Umber and cream colored fur
Aligned Organization


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