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Void Seekers

Void Seekers are dangerous creatures that present the largest known threat The Void has to offer. They are a common feature of stories told to the young in efforts to keep them from wandering at night and to make them behave. While many consider them nothing more than just that, a story, those who have ever witnessed and tear in The Void can attest that they are worse than the stories make it seem.

Basic Information


The Void Seekers only seem to have a coporeal form outside of their home realm, The Void. When in the realm of Vasea, however, they take the form of a wolf like creature though much larger and with incredibly long claws and fangs.

Genetics and Reproduction

It is unknown how they reproduce due to the fact that within their home realm they can not be seen at all. Though it is believed to be similar to any average wolf or canine creature.

Growth Rate & Stages

Unknown due to lack of observation of any aside from what are believed to be adults.

Ecology and Habitats

Unless they have escaped through a tear in veil they are only found within The Void. They are believed to create dens and to make homes in caves though this fact is as of yet unproven. As there have been no other observed animals or creatures within the darkness that makes up The Void, it is assumed that they sustain themselves on the multitude of flora present, though there is some speculation that they do not in fact require such sustinence.
It is unknown how they impact their surroundings at large, though, due to the fact they are observed to be destructive and unstopable when outside of The Void. In fact while no visible signs are shown of their presence within the mysterious realm exist, some believe them to be the cause of the lack of other observed fauna. The lack of verifiable evidence or observation makes these theories hard to prove or sustain.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Void Seekers are ravenous and unsaitiable in their hunger, they have been observed to devour everything they come in contact with. Despite this there is some speculation that this is not due to a need for sustinence but rather a destructive and malicious need. It is, however, impossible to study further without a captive specimen to study.

Biological Cycle

As so far as observations can be made there seems to be no affect on the Void Seekers regarding the seasons. Though it is more than likely that this is due to the lack of seasons within The Void as it is ever changing and yet unchanging. Truly the phenomena is hard to quqantify due to the fact that no Void Seeker has ever been captured and observed for an extended period.

Additional Information

Social Structure

While they travel in packs and often seem to work together no one has, as of yet, managed to figure out a hiearchy or power dynamic amongst them.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Void Seeker fur, fangs, and claws, are all considered to be trophies of amazing value as well as reveered for their magical properties which are only just being discovered.

Facial characteristics

Large ears adorned with tufts of fur at the tips, very long and lean and bony snouts, and large sharp fangs protruding from their mouths make up their most notable features.

Average Intelligence

Void Seekers have shown an incredible level of inteligence for a beast, it is not believed that they are sapient though they are something close. They have proven a degree of ability to use basic tools, find traps, anticipate battle strategies and employ their own.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They seem to exihbit enhanced senses than most other creatures as well as speeds that are near impossible to keep up with. Beyond that they have also shown an ability to temporarily make themselves incoporeal for very short periods of time.
Average Height
5' 5"
Average Length
9' from tip of nose to tip of tail.
Average Physique
They are typically very slim and almost gangly in appearance, though their muscle is noticable.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
More often than not they have vibrantly colored fur of purples, greens, and blues with patterns of black that seem to make up mysterious sigils and what is believed to be some kind of written script. The fur on their chests however is often startlingly white as are their fangs and claws. Other coloration of note is that the fur inside their ears are often differing bright hues than the main color of their bodies and are often almost rainbow like in apperance. Their eyes have been noted to glow errily and have no seemingly standard color, instead bein any color imaginable.
Geographic Distribution
Art by DeadlyRadioActive on Deviant Art, previously known as ArinovaRFhenix


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