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Bog Frog

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  PSA Bog Frogs are disgusting and slimey vermin that will invade your house yearly and leave YOU to clean up the mess! They're faster and jump farther than you! Check your house and keep your doors and window shut!  

Frog Spotting

Bog Frogs are easy to spot! They look like frogs! They're brown, green, or an ugly yellow-green. Sometimes multiple colors at once. Some have spots or stripes because of course they do. They're the size of your hand, and that's too big for how agile they are. Some of them have orange throat patches just to be even uglier. They're most active around dawn and dusk. Check near bright lights or patches of flowers where the bog frogs eat.

Hiding Places

Don't leave out anything colorful or else the bog frogs will cover it in slime. They love bright colors. Apparently they look like flowers. BOG FROGS ARE STUPID. THEY CAN'T TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A FLOWER AND YOUR TAPESTRY. They will get into your bowls and cabinets unless you keep them shut and locked! They're supposed to live OUTSIDE. In the reeds. But no! They have to come inside every year where they're not wanted! And if you see black balls in the water, those are eggs not squish bubbles! DO NOT EAT!

They Belong Outside

Bog Frogs shouldn't be in Nazara, but at the very least, they need to be outside. They make for terrible pets. Outside, they need to fend for themselves and won't ruin your home in the process. This include keeping the froglets away from the underside of your home. Keep the frogs away from people and out in nature. They don't belong there, but they belong in your home even less. If you see one in your home, squish em.

Stop Feeding Frogs

The frogs aren't starving! They have insects to eat! They especially like the insects you find annoying. Like the flying biting insects. If you feed the frogs, then they'll be less motivated to eat the insects we hate but they think are delicious. So do everyone a favor and stop feeding the bog frogs your food and let them hunt for themselves. Not to mention, fishcake doesn't taste very good to a bog frog.

Bog Frog Lifecycle


Frog eggs look exactly like squish bubbles. I found a clutch of them in my water cup, and I drank them! It was awful! They taste like slime and salt. 0/12, do not recommend. Right before hatching, you can see the baby bog frogs moving. It's so gross! But they need to be in water to hatch. They will not survive out of water. But don't freeze them! They can survive being frozen.


The only good thing about the tadpoles is that they eat insect larvae. So fewer bugs. They look like heads with tails. It's weird and gross. They swim around and eat and eat eat. That's all they do. Swim. And. Eat. The other only good thing about tadpoles is that they can't jump. So at least they stay in the water. That's where the bog frog should be. In the water. They don't spend nearly long enough as tadpoles. They stop being tadpoles at the end of summer when they start to grow legs. Their mistake.


The stinkers grow legs so they can crawl out of the water. They still have the tail and the front legs develop after the back legs. So they spend a few minor cycles able to jump but not land. They crawl to better ponds and water with more food and warmer conditions. The smart ones stay out of homes. The dumb ones, and there are a lot of dumb ones, move in under houses. Salt the water under your house and you won't have as many. They don't like really salty water. Be careful where you step. It's really easy for them to end up clustered in front of your door or in your shoes. See em. Squish em.

Adult Male

By spring, the froglets that have somehow survived the winter are now adults and look different. You couldn't tell them apart before, and now you can barely tell them apart. The males are slightly bigger. Slightly being the key word. They're territorial and fight other males by ribbiting at them. I don't know how that solves any conflicts, but use your words, I guess. The problem is that they all gather together and ribbit at each other all night long. Goodbye sleep.

Adult Female

The adult females are the worst. They're the reason there are more frogs every year. They carry their unfertilized eggs on their back to protect them or something like that. As many as a hundred of them at once! And before she can make the eggs, she needs to eat a fish. Extra protein, but I don't buy that. Once the eggs are fertilized, she dumps them off somewhere, eats another fish, and makes more eggs. And she can keep doing that until the males decide that breeding season is over. Year after year.


For anyone who isn't a bog frog, this is the worst time of the year. They gather in dense throngs with the males ribbiting at each other all night long. The females have to make their way to where the strongest male is. How they decide that, no one really knows. She gets down under the male, he fertilizes the eggs on her back, and away she goes to lay them and abandon them. It lasts for cycles, and it's awful. This is also when they're most likely to be in your home trying to find the best place to attract a mate. Who knows that their criteria is. I sure don't.

Bog Frog: Fact Or Fiction?

Bog frogs cause property damage.
True! Bog frogs cause over 50,000 talents worth of damage every year. A house that's destroyed by bog frogs can cost over 750 talents in repairs. They also cause irreparable damage with their slime.
Bog frogs jump three times their length.
False! Bog frogs can jump about 10 times their body length or 4 times their length including their back legs. They are incredibly powerful jumpers, and their reflexes are about 2.5 times as fast as yours.
Bog frogs are insectivores.
False! While insects make up the majority of a bog frog's diet, they are opportunistic eaters. Female bog frogs eat fish before producing eggs, and male frogs have been known to eat small river rodents.
Frog racing is an ethical sport.
False! Frogs jump to escape danger. Frog racing puts a lot of stress on the frogs, and the winning frogs are often the most terrified. These are all wild frogs who did not choose to be a racing frog. If you care about the frogs, do not support frog racing.
Most tadpoles survive to adulthood.
True! There are no natural predators to bog frogs. They face the most risk as eggs when birds and other reptiles will eat them, but once they hatch, few animals are interested in eating bog frogs. This allows most of them to survive to adulthood. As adults, they have even fewer natural predators because they can jump away fast enough to avoid being eaten.
Bog frogs are harmless to the environment.
False! Bog frogs are an invasive species to Nazara. They outcompete other animals for the same resources. Female bog frogs can eat entire schools of minnows which form a vital component of the natural ecosystem.
See Em Squish Em is trying to restore Nazara's natural ecosystem.
True! We care about preserving Nazara's existing beauty and oppose the exploitative industries that keep bog frogs around. We want to see native birds and fish return to the area, and eradicating bog frogs is the first step towards that.
5-7 years
Conservation Status
Average Weight
1-2 lb
Average Length
6-8 in
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Brown, green, yellow-green with darker patches or stripes along the back and legs
Geographic Distribution
Related Organizations

Frog Festival

Every year the whole region hosts this "Frog Festival" like they're cute and special. These are pests! I will be glad when I never have to see another frog mural, banner, or actual frog in a dress! How conked in the head do you have to be to think that's cute?! Everywhere you go, there are bog frogs! Ban Frog Fest! Send these slimey vermin back to the swamps where they belong!  

Frog Racing

Whoever invented Frog Racing literally created the worst sport to exist. If you can call it a sport. Us people don't even do anything. It's the frogs that do all the work, and no one likes them! It's so boring to watch. Half the time, the frogs just sit there breathing. Who wants to watch a frog breathe?! Sure, they're great jumpers. That's why I hate them. We shouldn't be celebrating them for jumping. That would be like celebrating a cat for eating mice. Instead, everyone stands around the racetrack waving brightly colored flags and yelling. No wonder the frogs don't move! I wouldn't move either if I was as big as a frog. It's a stupid sport, and why anyone decided that bog frogs were the best for it is beyond me.  

Did You Know? 10 Facts About Bog Frogs

Bog frogs have dark colored markings to help them camoflauge in the mud.

Bog frogs are the only frog species on Kos to mate multiple times during the mating season.

Bog frogs can hibernate during the winter and regain full mobility once they thaw out.

Bog frogs can see almost 360 degrees around themselves.

The ear is called a tymphanum. It allows bog frogs to hear insect wingbeats when they hunt.

Bog frogs jump like a loaded spring, and the muscles tense up so that the frog is able to take off again right away.

Bog frogs eat fruit in addition to insects.

The oldest known bog frog named "Frogella" lived to be 14 years old!

Bog frogs were first recorded in 633 EDK.

The children's story "The Frog and the Heron" is about a bog frog!
Brought to you by See Em Squish Em: A Movement to Eradicate Bog Frogs. Contact your local SESE chapter to learn more about how YOU can help cleanse Nazara of Bog Frogs.

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