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Water Warden

by hughpierre


  • Engineering Training
  • 20 years practical experience
  • Part of the Tlaloc priesthood


Wardens are appointed by agreement on an appropriate candidate between the Great Speaker and the Quetzalcoatl-Tlaloc.


Water wardens are in charge for
  • Overseeing teams of water engineers and water mice
  • Monitoring the water levels and temperature in the Moon Tome
  • Deciding when and where to open the spill way channels to prevent city flooding
  • Managing the overall containment for the many reservoirs located around the four districts

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Wardens can be dismissed once the Quetzalcoatl-Tlaloc can make a case for replacement to the speaker.

Cultural Significance

Workers who deal in water management around salty areas are popularly considered to be in constant conflict with the water beast.   Because it lives and feeds in salt waters, any actions the wardens take can be deemed a threat to the beast's survival. Particularly where he maintains fresh water from returning to their salt water state.

Civic, Professional
Equates to
Head Engineer
Source of Authority
Quetzalcoatl Tlaloc Tlamacazqui
Reports directly to
Related Organizations
Related Professions
Tlazolteotl Priest
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Cover image: Crimson Rain by Stephen Noble


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