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by hughpierre
Fifty years prior, a Carrier Balloon crashed along the Hungry Banks of the Runaways: a series of runoff streams that trickle from the Realms, intersect the Asma and empty into the Rattles.

Power Generation

Gold Salt

The simple tendency of the salt to float is captured in sufficient quantities inside a large rubber ball stitched together to various sizes which contributes to a balloon's weight bearing capacity.  
At the time of the crash a glimmering stream of salt could be seen leaking from its rubber balloon. It allowed for people on the ground to track the descent along the shadow pass, over the Teal Shallows and onto the Hungry Plains.    When it finally landed, the rich outflow continued to pour out like a golden banner that reached high into the valley sky until it was totally emptied. It signaled to everyone with eyes that there was treasure to be had.

Weapons & Armament

Stranded Units

Every carrier carries a compliment of archers and they were the first line of defense against the hostile natives. The rest of the crewmen built makeshift ramparts between the rivers and the plain, on its north end. They then took up some rudimentary javelins to discourage approach.  


Warriors of the nearest Shadow Realm canton were the first rush towards the perceived invaders, but their numbers were too few to overtake them.


Light foot warriors were contracted by Sangsalgu to investigate what there was to be had from the courtiers, but got away with very little.


Negotiators from Cuit were able to grant the survivors safe passage from the crashed craft in exchange for its freight and the carrier itself.

Armor and defense

Item | Jan 15, 2024


Layers of thick sheets of cotton can be laid over the rubber parts of the balloons as a means of protection.
Dragon Feathers
Material | Jan 15, 2024


Dragon Feathers can be similarly tied around the balloon, but are not as protective against piercing shots.

Stripped Contents

Once the winner was decided, the most of the valuable loads were traded for political favours and other things. But what Cuit deemed to be even more valuable was the hull itself. The hard and soft materials that went into making the craft
  • Gold stained rubber from the balloon was turned into water proofing for the city
  • Sheets of cotton were cut into blankets and clothes
  • Bags of salt and soil were taken to preserve fish and start gardens
  • Maize fibers procured from the lengths of rope onboard to turn into baskets, clothes or cut into shorter lengths
  • Signal flags were repurposed to mount onto private homes to give direction
  • Dragon feathers were the rarest thing the looters came across, to be turned into shin guards and elaborate pens

Personal Effects

There were, as well, the crews' person possessions that were pilfered from the accident.

Carrier Balloon
Vehicle | Sep 9, 2021
CB Treasurer
Owning Organization
Extremely rare for a carrier to drift so far and crash
350 feet
Complement / Crew
  • 15 Crew Members
  • 20 Archers
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
  • 14 casks of Mold Medicines
  • 50 stones of Transparent Limestone
  • 5 stones of Axis
  • 20 barrels of Winter Plums
  • 100 Eo Straps
Organization | Apr 30, 2021

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