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Worldember pledge 2023

I had none and all too many ideas for this year's WorldEmber. A worldbuilding to finish, a lot of knowledge to write to avoid contradictions—or to give proof to anyone trying to call me out hahaha—, a worldbuilding that I should probably continue... and no inspiration for any of that.   Then a series of seemingly fortunate events gave me an idea. A little surprise for next year I suppose. A surprise that will need a lot of work for someone as forgetful as me. And the bases for that work are already in progress and should be set next month (Is this excitement or panic?).   This solves the issue of...  

Area of focus

I'm staying in this world, in a category destined to this little experiment, focused in the design of characters, places, abilities and social—soon I'll explain why I'm laughing as I say this—rules of this little place were the project takes place. Why not a world? Because I don't have the energy to play with the design and I don't hope to do a lot of things with that setting. This is my world for small projects so, for now, this will do.   The challenge: Not to go crazy with little details and random information. I need to focus on the things I need to know to build a very specific project.

WorldEmber Prep
Week 1: Pledge Your Goal
Pledge Document
Choose an area of focus
  Week 2: Prepare your area of focus
Category structure
  Week 3: Welcome your readers!
Review this world's homepage doesn't feel enough
I need to check Shards,
the Known Universe,
and Just Another Nameless Country too.

Week 4: Last time Prep
Finish the building design
Design some sort of writing schedule.
Preliminary plot
Win Survive NaNoWriMo

Turning the homepage into a showcase of sorts!

This world was designed for times when I want to work freely with community challenges, not thinking about the past of the future of a world but creating something new wherever the prompts take it. I would have never thought that that could ever happen in WorldEmber.   But I digress. The point is, the brief introduction I had in the homepage was enough to say that. But listening about how readers may show up during the event, I decided that I may as well add some links to my favorite experiments so far, and even add the links to the other, more active worlds I'm building. That, of course, meant that I had to take care of the homepages of those worlds too. It was meant to be fast, but... CSS exploration happened (Most of it ended up coming back to the original format, but that's beyond the point).    

Mini-meta and Organization

  So far, the main thing to establish the limits of what I'll do with this small project is a map I'm working on with the inspiration of Wordigirl's Unofficial Mapvember prompts. I'm struggling with it now that I'm out of the walls, but I'm not worried.   I'm writing something resembling a mini-meta in the main categories where my little experiment will be. And I said it in plural because I've suddenly decided that I'll start with a version in Spanish.   Defining the subcategories was kind of easy, and I enjoyed looking for icons but I don't dare to go hunting for good cover images. Defining the theme and mood... I think I've finally chosen an approach, but I'm not quite convinced.
The categories
Selfishness, cruelty and other wrongdoings
  • The story
  • The context
  • The setting
  • The characters
  • The events (private)

    Crueldad, egoísmo y otras maldades
  • La historia
  • El contexto
  • El escenario
  • Los personajes
  • Los eventos (private)

  • Last time prep

    The month reach it's end and I'm still in the middle of the building preparations. I gathered a lot of ideas while working with the maze, but I didn't get to actually write down a basic plot. So, I'll write about what I know about the setting, get some progress for worldember, and then I'll work with that plot. I have a pilot schedule, very relaxed that I will modify as needed during December.  

    And with that, it begins. Happy writing!


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    Nov 18, 2023 22:21 by Elspeth

    Excitement and panic are often hand in hand! XD Can't wait to see what you build, it sounds intriguing. Also, I love your checklist! Have an excellent WorldEmber. :)

    Nov 18, 2023 23:01

    That's true, they come in hand :D Thanks for visiting and for the encouragement!