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Unofficial MapVember

It's been a while since I shared anything resembling a map or the plans of a building. So I'll take Wordigirl's Unofficial Mapvember as inspiration to design a building that is home to a collection of short stories I write occasionally. Maybe something interesting could happen with this next month ;) I love the "Where you..." theme of the prompts!   I've been working in the design for over a week but at a very slow pace and the descriptions and whys are mostly in my mind or written in a way only I could understand. So, for now I have those ideas, but I'll add the descriptions as I work and I'll upload the "map" when is ready (or any floor that seems to be ready by the end of the month).   Right now is complete chaos of course. But I have hope.  

Where you do things:

(aka Rooms and areas with designated purposes that are usually ignored)
  Some of these descriptions may be spoilers for stories to be
The Cafeteria is a complicated area of the building, because everyone comes to eat… and for their varied nefarious purposes.
Private rooms are as impersonal and cold or as cozy and safe as their inhabitants make them be. Some use them just to sleep, others to hide or study. Some don’t use their rooms at all, and it’s said that some don’t even have a room.
A lot of fun takes place at the Game room, and half the time is nothing but innocent tricks and healthy competition.
The Martial arts exchange garden is an oddity, considering that many of the students are rivals or may end up as enemies once they are out there, setting the world on fire. Almost every fight here is actually celebrated to learn and improve the skills of everyone involved.
Students may have questionable goals and heartless methods, but they do have loved ones (most of them do at least) and that’s usually the point of the mailroom: to keep in touch with them. After all, the person in charge doesn’t really offer safety for any work related communications, let alone business and threatening letters.
The laboratories are a place to learn and explore, but only those who take it seriously and document properly are allowed to use them. Tricking the lab instructors is technically another skill to learn and explore.
The classrooms don’t always serve the same purpose, different teachers adapt them for different classes all the time.
The outside Gardens are the source of a good part of the food used by the school, and the gardener is quite careful of whose help to accept. Some students observe or take care of the garden or a particular plant as a meditation technique.
The auditorium is good for both conferences and debates, but some students like to meet here to study and/or simply chat.
The Courtyard is a relatively safe place to exercise or relax between classes.

Where you find things:

(...whether they should be there or not.)
  Some of these descriptions may be spoilers for stories to be
You shouldn’t have entered the maze. Your sanity will never leave. But the rest of you still have a chance. Just collect the keys and find the right locks. There is that small detail about finding your way and all… but hey, at least you found a map to the rest of the building. See? If the maze don’t kill you before you can find the way out, you may escape the school as well!
Assistant animals are not pets! the sign in the Infirmary says. Oh, well that doesn’t mean you can’t pet them… it only means you shouldn’t.
Oh, I should have warned you that they may bite.
The vault is there to be broken in, and treasure is there to be stolen. No, really. Is all for practice. And to track the thief after. They usually get the valuables back and punish the perpetrator. I know what you are thinking: “why would they do that if the students were doing what they are supposed to do?”. Because they can, that’s why they do it.
You should probably stay in the laundry until your clothes are clean and dry. Keep an eye open too. This private property thing is just a remnant from the old times, and not many here like history.
It doesn’t seem to be any door leading to the interrogation room but any student is allowed to use it and it’s location is not exactly a secret. Only guests and those with no interest in it are unaware of the way to enter.
The blackboard is the north wall in the courtyard, right in front of the game room, and its devious original purpose is not forgotten just because most of the students use it for art, coded messages, romance, insults, threats, and all kinds of nonsense.
The directory signs can be found in the least convenient locations and or may not be up to date. The only one that is always accurate and "easy" to find and read is the one in the maze that you are not leaving anytime soon (and of course, it doesn't include directions or instructions for the maze itself).
Students interact in varied ways at the common room. Half the time is all innocent and useless fun, but there is also fighting, plotting and trading. The clever and the lucky may get some real bargain, while others may end up regretting all their life choices as they just pass by.
It may seem strange that you need to pass through the forest and/or the graveyard to visit thecounselor's office but the conversations you and guided dreams you may have there are way scarier and more tiring.
The examinations hall is almost never visited by the best students of the academy, who either don’t care about the instructors’ opinion or feel compelled to disrupt the process. That said, this is where most students and student prospects are told to go home as fast as they can. But most of them were counting with that. And most of those who aren’t expelled or threatened in the middle of their tests, are aware that they are getting a second chance. They have renewed hope of finding what they are looking for at this school..

Where you feel things:

(Careful, you can't trust your senses and emotions any more than you can trust the students.)
  Some of these descriptions may be spoilers for stories to be
Something happens in the pit. Something bad, most likely. Nobody has returned to explain what, and for some reason nobody seems very interested in trying to find out, so we’ll have to draw our conclusions based in nothing but the terrified screams of those who have been pushed through the suspicious looking door that leads to this well of nothing.
There are things that never change. Like the joy many look —and hopefully find— in the parties celebrated once or twice a year in the school’s ballroom.
speaking of traditions and human nature, the impulse of crying in the bathroom is perfectly normal, there is even an unspoken rule against taking advantage of the weakness of those in true sorrow… Keep an eye open though, just because a rule is unspoken doesn’t mean that it’s always respected.
The Principal's office may be cozy, but if you are called here it's probably to receive infuriating news. You are about to face the concequences of your acts and, is that even legal? Oh, right, it doesn't need to, if you came when summoned, the principal has some power over you.
If, on the other hand, you came by your own decision, maybe you want something or desperately need something to stop. Then you are about to find out that what you couldn't achieve, the principal won't do for you.
There is no prohibition stopping students from contaminating the food or hiding the bad (or perfectly successful) results of their projects in the Cold storage. They just don’t want the cook to imprison them in there until they freeze to death.
THe kitchens are perfectly safe too, basically for the same reasons. If anything pass out here or get second degree burns it’s because they don’t respect the heat.
Oh, hello, visitor. First time in the school’s drawing room, right? Are you friends with a student? My condolences, but don't worry, maybe they only want to recruit you for something.
Met them today? He He As I was saying, my condolences, I hope you have your things in order.
You're just an aquitance? Maybe you were just trying to sell something, or some ideal, and somebody told you to wait here? Poor thing, poor thing... No, no. I won't spoil their fun by giving you any warning.
Don’t ask who lies in the school’s graveyard, or why many of the students and teachers wear a nostalgic smile when they visit it.
Outsiders often seem in a hurry while they look for their car or wait for a ride in the parking lot. Some will even try to run instead of waiting one more second. Those who were or pretended to become students are usually informed enough to simply avoid this area.
Imagine just how relieve they are when they finally reach the gate to leave all this behind.

The map

I have the base image for first floor. There are things I need to change and the other floors are chaos, but I wanted to share my progress before the end of the month.   I will continue to work in the map and probably update and tag the first floor before the end of the day, but I don't think I'll finish it before weekend.   Of course that means that what you can see now is the updated version (which may or may not be finished, it depends on when you read this article)  
Academy of Evil and Indifference
Base image designed with Sweet Home 3D. Includes 3D models and textures distributed under a free license. Includes other free models that are part of the public domain, created by contributors of Blend Swap and found in the Sweet Home 3D's Free 3D models page.
Description or design
Both steps completed


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