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Drawing room

Purpose / Function

Once in a while, a student receives the visit of a friend, maybe even a relative, and brings him to this room to have a relaxed chat, have tea or a coffee, or even to watch the be or sit by the fire.   The room seems to be enchanted to create a cozy ambience, and sometimes it is, but more often than not, is just the charm of a crackling fire, the perfect light and a being with nice company.


This rectangular room is designed in small sections separated only by the location of the furniture. It would allow several people to share the whole space or for several small groups to have their own conversations and activities.     It has many, large windows to let the light in, and good artificial illumination. When the day is hot, you can open the windows with great chances that a nice breeze will enter, creating the perfect temperature inside. In the cold season, despite the openings to other rooms, it stays warm thanks to the fireplace.


Every entry to the room is an arch with no traps, tricks or warnings of any kind.   More often than not, visitors will use the stairs from the Ballroom's antechamber, since that's the shortest route from both the main entrance and the ballroom itself, and those are the places where they usually met the student that shows them this room.


While is not uncommon to find lovely animals like a friendly cat or a kaleidoscope of butterflies, making company to students and their guests, the only permanent inhabitants of this room are the potted plants. Their smell and colors are both lovely and subtle: only those with particular interest in plants will notice their presence and comprehend that they are part of the reason why this place It's so comfortable.

Contents & Furnishings

  • different types of Sofas and armchairs
  • A fireplace
  • A huge TV
  • Coffee tables in convenient locations
  • Shelves
  • Decoration on walls, shelves and tables
  • Bookcases
  • A peculiar collection of snow globes on the mantelpiece of the fireplace.
  • Connected Rooms

  • The hall on second floor
  • The Ballroom's antechamber.
  • A room that holds mixed decorations and empty bookcases.
  • Nearby rooms

  • Second floor Bathrooms
  • Principal's office
  • Ballroom
  • Type
    Room, Common, Parlour


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