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The Pit

Something happens in The Pit.   Something bad, most likely.   Nobody has returned to explain what, and for some reason nobody seems very interested in trying to find out, so we’ll have to draw our conclusions based only on the terrified screams of those who have been pushed through the suspicious looking door that leads to this well of nothing.  


The door that connects the Pit to Lab 3 is always securely closed. Magic, science and common sense prevent people to approach, open or pass through it.   In the room adjacent to the parlor is a whole different story. Sometimes the door is closed, and unlocked for anyone to cross it if they are in a hurry or curious about what it may lead too. The rest of the time, it is ajar. A captivating light, usually a subtle blue or a sparkling mix of colors, calls people in.   Even the strongest will could be broken but the need to peek. Some will be surprised to find nothing, and may do anything from forgeting the event to obsessing over it, depending on their personalities and their interest in mysterious things. Others... well, it's unclear what happens with the others.
Torture chamber?
Magical side universe?
World of nightmares?
Monsters nest?
There is just one way to know.

Connected rooms

  • A room that holds mixed decorations and empty bookcases.
  • Laboratory 3
  • Other nearby rooms

  • The Ballroom
  • Laboratory 2

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