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Summer Camp 2023 Reading Challenge

Summer Camp is over.   I managed to achieve diamond, somehow, and I have a lot to think about Shards. I'm not ready to work with that, so August is, in a way, a month to rest... which is a way to say that I'm running around with other things, instead of going back to Just another nameless country and finally finishing the last articles.   There is also the reading challenge. It fits, doesn't it?  

Let's read, then!

A seat of power (of any kind!)
Settlement | Sep 27, 2023

A town in Vagrigh that is the base of operations of the Gatherers of the Past

Beautiful article about a beautiful place. I just love how this settlement has a balance between two clearly separated districts with so different population, and a city that works as a whole with a shared purpose.
The Vell
Settlement | Nov 28, 2023
It may be just me, but these seems to be a very nice place to live.   I find it interesting that power is not something people is eager to get there. But please don't let me get philosophical about this.
Settlement | Jan 15, 2024
An interesting article where the distribution of the space says a lot about the hierarchy, and is in itself a reminder of who holds power here.  
An animal found in a non-populated area
Ice Hound
Species | Jul 30, 2023
A work in progress, but already interesting.   I particularly like the way different people think about these hounds. It's only natural that some consider them moral compasses while others fear for their lives.   But look at their picture.They have to be "patient and wise".
Species | Jul 31, 2023
A peculiar read. It seems like we are not the only ones thinking that they are tasty... or pets. Preferably not both?   It's quite a detailed description that also keeps the reader attention because it offers a new perspective.
a character who prefers to lurk in the shadows
Character | Aug 1, 2023
It seems so innocent... aside of the scary quote at the beginning. I mean, really, it sounds like he's playing, but also a profesional. Now, what do I feel like Hidden is a bit mischievous?
Character | Jul 30, 2023
I love the reluctance in this article. It fits the spirit of the prompt but it's quite personal at the same time.
Arvelyn Alfhora
Character | Jul 25, 2023
At first sight (for now at least) it doesn't seem like there is a lot to know about this character. But there is. Quite the long story, actually.

Let's read a bit more

Species | Jul 18, 2023

Remember: They're all humans. Got it?

Maybe is just the ECC3 nostalgia brought by some of the comments about not-human impossible employees. Maybe is the introduction. I simply enjoyed reading it.
The Eternal Tourist
Character | Jul 28, 2023
A bittersweet story, if you ask me. Also, and interesting character who proves that you can be wandering, and lost, without those things being related at all.
Character | Jul 25, 2023
Another inspiring article. Not only as a writer but personally, I can appreciate the reasons why this character fit the idea of "lurking in the shadows".

What's next?

  I'm not sure. There will be more challenges, I hope. And I still have to finish a world, decide what to do with Shards, and, yes, there is a whole universe to discover.  


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