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The Capital of the Lizardfolk, Grandstone is carved entirely from a grey, slate stone, believed even to have once been a mountain. Grandstone is the smallest capital city in the world due to the lack of trade that would allow for growth, as well as the constant mass death of its residents. Still, the city itself is never destroyed, no matter the great danger surrounding it.  

Major Locations

The Lizardfolk settlements get very little tourism due to how dangerous their territory is, however of all their cities, Grandstone gets the most. To get there requires dodging Kamejin navy raids, Orc attacks, and attacks from the Black Dragon Lord Reoma the Wretched, as well as navigating a dangerous sea around the city.  

Besh Rock

Besh Rock is the center of Lizardfolk government, a large cylindrical stone at the center of Grandstone. The shape is more like a cone, but at the top it rounds off rather than going to a point, making its true shape a Conical Frustum (Opens in new tab).   Besh Rock was named after Beshrok, the Lizardman who settled Grandstone, because he was the one to center the government in Beshrok. This is where the Owner General runs the company of the Lizardfolk people.   All around Besh Rock are barracks where the soldiers live and train under the Owner General.  

The Grand Port

The Grand Port of Grandstone is where the Lizardfolk navy resides, led by the Manager Admiral of the Lizardfolk. They are often not here, as the navy is often at sea. This is for two reasons:
  1. It is too dangerous to leave the ships in port, as they would be sitting ducks for the Kamejin or Reoma the Wretched to destroy.
  2. They are out patrolling the seas and cannot be bothered to take shore leave for too long.
Still, one would find merchant ships here from the Korvians, the only people who trade with the Lizardfolk. These ships often have overpriced goods because the Lizardfolk both don't know better and have no other options for trade.   There is a building here that is meant to regulate the trade, but as it is normally run by the Manager Admiral, who is out at sea with the fleet, the building is often run by interns with little knowledge of what to do, allowing trade to go fairly unregulated.  

The Stones

Where Grandstone gets its name from, a set of obelisks on each corner of the city.
Beshrok by Jarhed


It is unclear exactly how Grandstone was built. According to all known records, it has simply always existed.   There are many legends that say it was either Giants who sailed past the Giant Kingdom, or it was an attempt at another permanent settlement from Orcs, Kamejin, or Korvians. However, there are no records from any of these people as well to support them making it.   Beshrok the Lizardman led the Lizardfolk here after fleeing from Elone, but they were followed by the Kamejin. Still, with Grandstone as a defensive fortress, they were able to beat back the Kamejin navy.
While many associate obelisks with the Goddess Ioun, and her main followers in the known world, the Secci Gnomes, the first obelisks built in the world were those known as the Stones.   It is believed that these stones are why Reoma the Wretched, the Black Dragon Lord who always attacks the Lizardfolk, does not destroy the city. He knows there is some sacred meaning to them, though it is unclear if even he knows the nature of their existence.  

Defensive Towers

These stones have been hollowed out by the Lizardfolk to now be defensive watchtowers to watch out for incoming attacks. Each has a different interior as well, with one being a grocery store (the one closest to the port), another being a museum (the one furthest inland), and the other two being an indoor garden/park and a church to the Lizardfolk God Kadakalan.   Anyone is allowed inside these obelisks, as they are considered shelters to protect against Reoma.  


There are two major figures of government in Grandstone, the leaders of the Lizardfolk people themselves: the Owner General and the Manager Admiral.  

Owner General

The Owner General is in charge of the business decisions for the Lizardfolk, as they treat the economy like it is its very own company. That is where the owner part of the name comes from.   As for General, they are the head of the ground forces of the Lizardfolk army and, therefore, are in charge of training them and leading them in battle. All attacks by Reoma the Wretched, and any attempted ground invasions from the Kamejin, are repelled by the Owner General and their forces.  

Manager Admiral

The Manager Admiral is in charge of the diplomatic relations and navy of the Lizardfolk. All foreign leaders will meet with the Manager Admiral more often than they will meet with the Owner General themselves.   The Manager Admiral is often not in Grandstone, instead they are out at sea. Still, they will come to get new ships or troops for the navy, and that is when they will be in Grandstone.  


Grandstone is nearly entirely populated by Lizardfolk, partially due to how dangerous it is. No one really seeks out settling in Grandstone, and if they do they are an outlier rather than something normal.   The population is often dwindling due to the frequent attacks on the city and its people. For this, the Lizardfolk have harems to keep the city populated and thriving, and due to the trade coming in, it is able to keep an often larger population than other Lizardfolk settlements.

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