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548 World's Most Wanted

The World Court publishes a list of the Most Wanted Criminals in the world every year. There is no specific date it is published, as they will often wait until they have gathered enough intel. In 548, it was released on the 20th of the Month of Defeat.   The Document is as follows:  

World Court Most Wanted


The Judges of the World Court have reviewed all criminal activity from all years leading up to the current year of 548, as well as all crimes that have occured on a global or nationwide scale in this year, and have compiled a list of the greatest criminals still at large today.   The World Court warns those reading this: If you come across these people, DO NOT APPROACH! If you see these people, send for the proper authorities, who will deal with the criminal as is seen fit. For all proper authorities, a warning. These people are incredibly dangerous and must be dealt with as soon as possible before they place more people in danger. Handle with caution, yet with speed.

The Top 50

These are the Top 50 Criminals of 548, who should be watched out for:
  1. Kathleen Ramone (Human)
  2. Kin Glorev (Triton)
  3. Tyrant (Kenku)
  4. Gazzok the Butcher (Orc)
  5. Lorenas Nerifir (Half-Elf)
  6. Krankyl (Dwarf)
  7. Hatanaka Saburo (Tortle)
  8. Caddos Damolnath (Triton)
  9. The Fairy Queen (Fairy)
  10. Leader of the Zavese Collective (Zavese)
  11. Ildid Tilrak (Dragonborn)
  12. Ordoth Mardaar (Dragonborn)
  13. Shatt Gunn (Half-Orc)
  14. Mebror Dosse (Human)
  15. Kruxis (Elf)
  16. Hadon (Elf)
  17. Gak Funki (Goblin)
  18. Kennedy Ramone (Human)
  19. Sinner (Kenku)
  20. Turbine (Air Genasi)
  21. Nonvos Abemath (Triton)
  22. Zaud Foot Marauder (Orc)
  23. Gaugak Worldbreaker Veomamino (Goliath)
  24. Phund Monet (Goblin)
  25. Rosenthal Nutsk (Human)
  26. Valdor Bosunat (Dark Elf)
  27. Zrat Bigeye (Goblin)
  28. Naralak Worldbreaker Elnamino (Goliath)
  29. Mizre Khaleen (Dark Elf)
  30. Urzall Kill Axe (Orc)
  31. Zusk the Reaper (Lizardfolk)
  32. Ogura Jun (Tortle)
  33. Lizher the Nightmare (Lizardfolk)
  34. Lizbean the Fake (Lizardfolk)
  35. Oriroris (Wood Elf)
  36. Clembor Worsbee (Human)
  37. Kuba Takao (Tortle)
  38. Eagvek Lonefriend Jalor (Goliath)
  39. Acorzasz the Immovable (Lizardfolk)
  40. Kuxkok the Bountiful (Lizardfolk)
  41. Dismal the Covetous (Lizardfolk)
  42. Brusk the Handsome (Lizardfolk)
  43. Janusz Lisi (Fenn)
  44. Farran (Wood Elf)
  45. Vimtes Sacrath (Dragonborn)
  46. Dath Redhunter (Human)
  47. Committer (Kenku)
  48. Roz the Just (Lizardfolk)
  49. Joey Ramone (Human)
  50. Fepar Tilrak (Dragonborn)


Changes From Last Year

Last year, Fepar Tilrak stood at the top of the list. He has been handled, and while he is still out there, his threat level has been minimalized. He is still not to be taken lightly, as he has stolen World Court techonology.   Many other criminals have been neutralized over the past year, but more have sprung up. A band of Lizardfolk Pirates, called the Harem Horde, have caused a Tortle officer to defect. It is assumed they are holding state secrets this Tortle has given them. Handle with caution.   A group of Magic College students have been on the World Court's radar for a long time. Now, they have pushed their limits and gained spots on the list. Kathleen Ramone in specific, who was known vaguely for removing former criminal Sid Blitz, was believed a threat before. After activity across Human Territory, she has replaced Fepar Tilrak as the most wanted criminal.   Her accomplices, Sinner, Gak Funki, Turbine, and Kennedy Ramone are equally to blame for these crimes. They were affiliated with Erkur Cragspear of the Cragspear Bandits, who was once in the top ten. He has now been neutralized. Friends of theirs like Shatt Gunn and Hadon caused disturbances in Dwarven Territory. For this, they are high priority targets. Hadon has defected from the World Court and joined Shatt and others like Ildid Tilrak, Ordoth Mardaar, and the above group of Kathleen Ramone in the Army of the Revolution.   A particular person of interest is Mebror Dosse, the God Killer. He has been known to kill religious personnel, now even infiltrating a skirmish in the Church of Erathis. Many priests have died to him, and more are in danger. If you are affiliated with any religion, beware Mebror Dosse.   Finally, the group of world leaders including Tyrant, Gazzok the Butcher, Lorenas Nerifir, Krankyl, Hatanaka Saburo, Caddos Damolnath, the Fairy Queen, and the Leader of the Zavese Collective. These people have broken the law and disobeyed the World Court's new mandates. They are a threat to peace, and must be taken out as soon as possible.   The same cannot be said for the man known as Kin Glorev. Anonymous sources have warned us of a danger this man poses. If seen, there is no hope. Warn the World Court immediately.


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