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Fovenis Memorial

We all lost something that day. A friend, a lover, a sibling. A city against which all others paled in comparison. A place where all of us, despite our differences, felt like one.
We will not forget Fovenis.
— King Zaloren V, at the unveiling of the Fovenis Memorial, 15 AC
The Fovenis Memorial is a monument located in the city of New Fovenis, on the banks of Fovenis Lake. It commemorates the location of the original city of Fovenis, and the lives lost when the city vanished from the human plane during The Collision.


When The Vosti Empire gained control of the entire continent of Abravost, they came across the issue of how best to rule their lands. Their solution was to create numerous duchies, who would all answer to the Emperor or Empress of the day. While the empire initially based itself out of Shonyul, Empress Askila I requested a new city of Fovenis be built in 304 BC, which would sit at the intersection of the Medura River and River Glan and serve as the capital of the Empire. This was due to it being easier to access for many parts of her empire, as well as the ability to appease angry westerners who felt the Empire ignored them, as the new city was 'non-partisan' in terms of its location.   Fovenis was built from the ground up, and was a design marvel, with many later cities taking inspiration from its layout and architectural style. Askila's successor, Ferean I, was the first ruler of the Vosti to live within the city, relocating in 273 BC, at which point it is formally considered the imperial capital.   During The Collision - which brought the human and elven worlds colliding together - the city vanished, leaving a massive crater in its wake. The Emperor of the time, Zaloren V, was luckily not in the city at the time, though many members of his families disappeared alongside it.   While numerous groups made small scale monuments to the lost city in the years following the disaster, it was only in 15 AC that an official memorial was made, situated on a hill next to the crater. Zaloren V himself held a ceremony for its opening, calling on his people to unite and rebuild. The city of New Fovenis sprung up around the memorial, though it never gained its predecessors reputation of grandeur.   Since its construction, the Fovenis Memorial has needed to be repaired several times, often due to harsh weather causing the tip of the obelisk to snap off. Many of the names carved into its side have long since become illegible due to erosion, including the inscription stating Zaloren V commissioned it.


The Fovenis Memorial is a 30 metre tall obelisk, crafted initially from a single block of granite. The base is also made from granite, though it has been additionally reinforced with iron in the years since its installation. Along each side of the obelisk are carved the names of many of the people who were in the city of Fovenis at the time of its disappearance, as well as the names of individuals known to have died during the eruption of Chalsei K√≥shoil nearby. Attached to the base is a metal plate, which has been carved to repeat the original worn-away inscription, stating the obelisk to be dedicated to the memory of Fovenis and commissioned by Zaloren V.   Since the original tip of the obelisk has long since been lost, it has been replaced numerous times with granite replicas. The current tip is metal, which has been additionally secured to the memorial by running metal down each of its corners.
Alternative Names
Monument to those Lost in the Collision
Memorial / War Memorial
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Rivers of East Abravost
The Rivers of Eastern Abravost by Isaac Thompson

Crater Lake

Fovenis Lake is the original crater of the city, filled by the Medura, Heril, and Glan rivers. It contains within small fragments of that original city, mostly in the form of destroyed buildings on the lakebed, but sometimes in the form of islands. Some have suggested that the memorial should be relocated to one of these islands so that it is within 'the city itself', however no concrete plans for this to happen have been made.
Crater Lake by Candace Hunter | Saudi

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