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Diaries of the Dyiiladuun Fleet

Tomorrow, on the 12th day of Ralaos, we are to set sail from my hometown of Naburiguum, and venture into that vast unknown. We will, Divinities willing, be the first to sail below the horizon and return to tell of what we see. May Knowledge guide our sails, and Justice protect our cause.
— Opening lines of Dyaba Ladura's diary
In 386 AC, under direct orders of President Pazruen Gakler of the Republic of Skarhu, a fleet set sail from the port of Naburiguum in the Yulemta Islands. Its mission was to find evidence of the existence of the mythical Yulemto homeland. Aboard the vessel with Yulemto archivist Dyaba Ladura, who had painstakingly found ancient Yulemto resources to guide their voyage. After leaving sight of land late on the 12th, the fleet was never seen again by denizens of Abravost, and only three of its members survived.


The Dyiiladuun Fleet had been a hasty campaign promise by Pazruen Gakler, the incumbent in the 385 election, in order to win votes from the swing Yulemto voting block. He gained re-election, and spent the next year arranging with prominent members of the community to bring the fleet to life. One of the fleets marquee members of Dyaba Ladura, whose efforts in recovering and translating ancient Yulemto artefacts had made them an expert in the field of Yulemto history. They were the primary organiser, charting the route the fleet should retrace in order to find Dyiiladuun, the lost Yulemto homeland.   In keeping with their archival position, Dyaba committed to keeping a detailed diary on everything that happened during the fleets journey, even the most mundane of events. Captain Jemi Numaatu Muushadang kept similar notes, though hers were far more utilitarian and ship-maintenance oriented - a dry affair by any standard.   After an initial delay due to one of the smaller ships being damaged in a storm, the fleet set sail on the 12th of Ralaos, 386 AC. Once it has passed the horizon, none of its members were ever seen alive again by those who lived on Abravost, though one of the lifeboats did crash upon Skarhu's northern coasts a month later, sadly killing all on board.   The fleet continued far past the time of last sighting, experiencing a foul storm which swept a handful of sailors overboard, a desertion (of which the lifeboat occupants were a part), and an attempted mutiny. According to the diaries, the fleet met its end at the jaws of a world-sized Dragon out in the open sea, who ate at least one ship whole and shattered all others. Only 4 individuals are known to have survived this incident, escaping in a leaking lifeboat - Dyaba Ladura, Captain Jemi, failed mutineer Tevaris Varn, and sailor Yinaan Soltias. When this lifeboat crashed upon the rocks in south-eastern Thurásin, they were rescued by Merfolk, though Yinaan drowned despite their best efforts.   After the survivors were introduced to others in Thurásin, and were able to find ways to communicate, the locals were eager to learn as much about the strangers as they could. To that end, the three survivors agreed to having their diaries of the fleets journey, and of their immediate impressions of Thurásin, translated into the local languages. The originals were to remain with their owners, though later found their way into the hands of Dyiiladuunawa historians, where they are treated as highly treasured artefacts.


Dyaba Ladura by Isaac Thompson

Dyaba Ladura

29 Ralaos 351 - 33 Hadil 420 (69)
Dyaba Ladura was a Yulemto archivist, and the foremost expert in their field back in Abravost. They were among an initially small group who spoke the Yulemtan language fluently, due to its only recent revival, but they eagerly taught it to others as a way of helping them connect with their cultural heritage. The fleet was to be Dyaba's crowning triumph - the discovery of the Yulemto's ancestral homeland, known as Dyiiladuun. Their diary abounds with historical details and information on how Yulemto culture changed after they left Dyiiladuun, the latter being especially interesting to Dyiiladuunawa readers.
Captain Jemi by Isaac Thompson

Captain Jemi

28 Lianid 338 - 30 Lianid 395 (57)
Captain Jemi Numaatu Muushadang was a Lialpumpámtii elf, and captain of the Dyiiladuun fleet. She had ample experience in sailing, with both herself and her parents being long-serving members of the Skarhan navy. Her enthusiasm for this particular endeavour was low, having no connection to the Yulemto story the fleet was predicated on. What kept her on-board was the potential for glory and the challenge inherent in trying to sail around the world. Her journal is a dry account of ship matters, though it uniquely features a list of every single member of the Dyiiladuun fleet, and their fates to the best of her knowledge.
Tevaris Varn by Isaac Thompson

Tevaris Varn

40 Bremos 355 - 15 Yaros 404 (48)
Tevaris Varn was a half-elf sailor of Telziado ancestry, who had been arrested for piracy by Skarhan authorities some years before the fleet. His position was questionable as a result of this criminality, though many vouched for his considerable skills and leadership abilities, including Captain Jemi herself. He was promised his freedom if he lent his talents to the expedition. Somewhat unsurprisingly, he attempted a mutiny in the month of Pomid, but was saved from being thrown overboard by Dyaba. His journal was taken by Jemi after the incident, and contains detailed notes about his efforts to undermine authority and seize control.
Yinaan Soltias by Isaac Thompson

Yinaan Soltias

6 Mantal 362 - 27 Klarid 386 (23)
Yinaan Soltias was a young Yulemto sailor, and one of the first truly native speakers of the Yulemtan language, having been taught it from birth by her parents. She had no decorated past to speak of, remaining in the Yulemta Islands and working as a fisher for most of her life. She was brought into the fleet on Dyaba's recommendation, as the two were close friends. Jemi's initial protests dissolved in the wake of Yinaan's utterly joyous personality and enthusiasm, which bolstered crew morale throughout the expedition. Her journal tells tales of crew hijinks and light hearted revelry, and her excitement to find Dyiiladuun.
Journal, Personal
Authoring Date
386 AC/33 Contact
Dyaba Ladura, Captain Jemi Numaatu Muushadang, Tevaris Varn, and Yinaan Soltias
The stories these strangers peddle are patently absurd. It is impossible that there is another landmass across these oceans - we would have found it. What possible reason could there be that such a place would have been hidden from us for thousands of years?
— Dyiiladuunawa sceptic
We were attacked by a fucking huge dragon, maybe that's why.
— Tevaris Varn


The Yulemto tales of their arrival in Abravost have always made note of their attack by a powerful dragon who lived beneath the waves, who appeared as they fled their homeland's destruction to prevent them getting through. It was only through ingenuity and sacrifice that any members of that original voyage survived to land in the Yulemta Islands, which became their home.   This tale was news to the Dyiiladuunawa, whose version of events mentions a different dragon who lived beneath their country, who destroyed it and chased those fleeing by boat out to sea, where they were never seen again. For the nearly 1200 years since the destruction of Dyiiladuun, it was assumed that dragon sank all their ships.
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Of the three survivors of the Dyiiladuun fleet, only one spoke a remotely intelligible language to the Dyiiladuunawa - Dyaba Ladura, fluent speaker of the Yulemto language. This language shared a common ancestor with the Garanya language of the Dyiiladuunawa, that being the dialect spoken in Dyiiladuun in 28 Continuance/~796 BC.   For their eagerness to learn Garanya, instrumental role in translating the diaries, and willingness to teach Abravosti history, Dyaba was given the title of Raanyuwuruging - Keeper of Lost Knowledge. Tevaris and Jemi received no such titles, owing to the significant language barrier between them and the native populace - both primarily spoke Vostan, an entirely unrelated language.   In spite of the language barrier, all three found a place within the local community, and were looked after for the rest of their lives. The funerals for all three, as well as a retroactive ceremony for Yinaan, were held in accordance with Abravosti tradition to the best of their memories. Dyaba's death in 33 Return, or 420 AC, went the most off-script, with many local practices brought in to honour their role in uniting them.
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