Abravost Dragon

Given how close those sailors were to land, this large dragon can't have been far from the shore of those shattered islands. And yet! In my many years sailing these seas, being forced to go the long way 'round for political reasons when delivering cargo or passengers, I've never seen or heard of any such beast. If they aren't lying, how did it remain a secret for so long? How many sailors did we assume were lost to storms were lost instead to its jaws?
— Dyiiladuunawa sailors
The Abravost Dragon is a presumed celestial dragon who lives in oceans of Tiyu Amara. They are named for the continent of Abravost that they seem to hold as their territory, in absence of any 'proper' name or title.


If the Abravost Dragon is a celestial, then they are one of the first dragons. As a celestial, they would have been born from a fragment of The Divinities, made with the purpose of forming the land and oceans. Given their location between Abravost and the continent of ThurĂ¡sin, its presumed they focused on oceans and islands, rather than inland mountains.   Abravost first appears in any kind of writing in the form of Yulemto myth. When fleeing their homeland for unexplained reasons, the Yulemto fleet runs into a colossal dragon out in the ocean, who sinks many of their ships. Thanks to ingenuity and sacrifice, many are still able to get through, later arriving in the Yulemta Archipelago of Abravost, which becomes their new home.   This story is somewhat muddled by the fact the Yulemto are the descendants/cousins of the Dyiiladuunawa, whose homeland of Dyiiladuun was destroyed by a celestial dragon called Jrinta. As far as the Dyiiladuunawa knew, Jrinta chased the fleet to sea and killed them all. Whether the Yulemto myth is actually referring to Jrinta, or if the Abravost Dragon did appear but did something else in reality isn't known.   The imagery of the Abravost Dragon persisted in Yulemto art, often represented as a large silver serpent. Combined with their many offspring, they feature in a tale that warns kids that bad behaviour can bring the dragons from the deep to punish them.   The dragon's second major appearance was in the year 386 AC / 33 Contact. An exploratory expedition from Abravost, with the explicit purpose of finding the Yulemto homeland, was attacked by the dragon not far from the shore of islands off the south-eastern coast of ThurĂ¡sin. Only three members of the fleet survived, and some of their diaries describe the event and the dragon. Aside from these sailors, a few Merfolk who were in the area at the time reported seeing something in the distance that matched their descriptions, and another dragon swooped in to try and ward the Abravost Dragon away from the fleet, but failed.   Since this attack, the Abravost Dragon has not been seen again, though some merfolk who went to see if they could find it did not return.

Lack of Dragons

If the Abravost Dragon does exist, and does encircle the continent of Abravost as some Abravosti suspect, then it may go a way towards explaining the utter lack of dragons elsewhere on that continent. Their apparent territoriality may well have warded away any major or minor dragons who wanted to live on that continent.   This lead Dyaba Ladura, one of the survivors of the Dyiiladuun fleet, to question the old Vosti myth about The Dragon Krenar, who is supposedly a dead dragon that forms the basis of the Krenar Mountains of Abravost. If Krenar was in fact not a fantastical tale, perhaps their death came not at the hand of Vosti soldiers, but the Abravost Dragon.   A territorial dispute between the two large creatures may have turned deadly, convincing all other dragons to flee the region for fear of incurring the Abravost Dragon's wrath.
dragon krenar mountains
The Dragon Krenar by Isaac Thompson

Cover image: Ship Shipwreck by Comfreak


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