Castle Overwatch

Castle Overwatch looms above the city. Construction finished around the start of the Bleak 10 in the early 1250s.


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Castle Overwatch was built as a symbol of power and to feed the ever growing ego of King Zannon Carter. It sports a huge stained glass window in the throne room:an image of King Carter looking out over the city.
  The castle supports many offices, bedrooms, halls, a laboratory and a vast dungeon.
  In the time before Carter's fall, Archmage Sekal Loreweaver was working on experiments to create a magical disease that would wipe out all non-human life.
  Many Changelings died in experiments as well. They were used as subjects to see if Changelings could be used to permanently impersonate specific individuals.
  In the end, the glass window was shattered by Yenward Firestomp and Carter tossed out, followed shortly by Jarahk Ironhide.
  Queen Liara now resides in the castle. She assisted in integrating non-humans back into the city and renamed it Overdale to try to reverse some of the history that came with the name Overwatch.

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