Arc 1 - Episode #116

Perfect Strangers

General Summary

The next morning, the party is split up and resting at House Dragonkeep. Several members, Diana, Derthag and Sisun are waking and prepare to eat breakfast while Duncan, Yenward, Malchus and their new 'friend' Theodore begin to rouse from their slumber following a night of drinking. Tessia and David decide to wake Malchus and his friends by banging on a pan lid with a large wooden spoon outside of their bedroom door. This gets the response of an eldritch bolt from Malchus burning its way through the door, stopping the racket.

After being chastised by Tessia for being reckless, Duncan and Yenward go to the bounty board to get leads to make some cash and discover that Malchus has quite a few flyers, one for the Tiefling that Theo was watching and there is also one for a dwarf more personal to Duncan.

The group heads out towards Bandits Rest to collect some bounties and Theo tags along after some coaxing from Derthag and Duncan. Along the way, they are stopped in their tracks by a large reddish black dragon who lands in front of them and begins to attack. It rips through the party quickly and while the group is slowly whittling it down, the dragon begins to take its toll. Sisun is knocked unconscious but is saved before he is killed. Nearing death, Derthag lands a big hit and the dragon retaliates with double claws, killing the orc instantly.

Shortly after, Yenward finally sinks Stormrender into the dragon's hide killing the giant beast.


Notable Kills

  • Derthag, killed by large red dragon
  • Large red dragon, killed by Yenward

Locations Visited


Who said "Lets take the kids to the murder sandbox" Highlight for answer

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Release date: 01 Jun 2015 - Download the Episode

Report Date
01 Jun 2015