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Jarndir Council

The Jarndir Council is the ruling body for the city of Ironholm. It has 9 members known as Jarnds, with one of them being elevated to the position of High Jarnd (currently held by Marcus Riven), or the de facto head of the city. The members of the council are voted in by their fellow mercenary captains of the city and can hold their seats as long as they are voted in.
The primary function of the council is to create and change the laws of the city of Ironholm in order to maintain the independence and prosperity of the city. The council is also responsible for appointing city officials such as the First Justicar of the Andervir Guard and the High Advokat of the Iron Garrison.


The Jarndir Council is made up of 8 elected Jarned who are voted in by the mercenary captains of the city. Then these 8 Jarnds pick another to be the High Jarnd who will then lead the council and thus the city of Ironholm.
The Council as a whole meets once a month to discuss new laws or laws that need to be changed. The High Jarnd can call emergency meetings as well in cases of city defence. The other council members are responsible for various aspects of the day-to-day running of the city. With each Jarnd having their own distinct responsibilities.
The 9 council positions are as follows:
  • High Jarnd
    Responsible for overseeing the running of the council and representing the city of Ironholm in foreign affairs. The High Jarnd will also need to ensure that all the various mercenary groups are treated equally and can mediate and police their fellow council members if they feel they are abusing their positions.
  • Jarnd of Coin
    Responsible for managing the city of Ironholm's budget. This includes ensuring the collection of tax and commission from the various residents and mercenary companies alike, along with the allocation of contracts that have been brought to the city. This power over contract makes the role hugely influential and has often been a prerequisite of becoming the High Jarnd.
  • Jarnd of Blades
    The Jarnd of Blades oversees the Andervir Guard and personally appoints its First Justicar. They are also in charge of managing the city's jail and ensuring that no foreign agents are acting in the city without permission. The Jarnd of Blades technically holds the most power in the council due to their control over the Guard however, none have yet tried to seize control due to the loyalty of the guard often being either to the city itself or the company they originated from rather than the Jarnd.
  • Jarnd of Hearts
    In charge of the city's religious function, the Jarnd of Hearts oversees the many different churches that operate in the city and ensure they do not cause any disturbances, while also ensuring they are able to practice their rites. The Jarnd of Hearts decides who gets to have festivals and when those festivals can take place. Their role while minor allows for the relatively diverse worship of the city to not interfere with its running.
  • Jarnd of Men
    While the High Jarnd is the city's exterior face the Jarnd of Men is the councillor who manages all the foreign diplomats who arrive in the city. They are also charged with ensuring all guests of the city are well taken care of. An unofficial role of the Jarnd is the managing of the city's intelligence defence/gathering.
  • Jarnd of Chains
    The Jarnd of Chains functions in a similar way to the Jarnd of Men. However, the main difference between them is that the Jarnd of Chains is responsible for the adventurers and visitors of the city. These uninvited additions to the city are often more likely to cause issues and as such need a different kind of observation. In addition to this, the Jarnd of chains will also manage the non-mercenary contract that the city receives and acts as a middleman between sponsors and adventurers.
  • Jarnd of Waves
    The main way in and out of the city is through its ports and the Jarnd of Waves is the one to manage this key route in and out of the city. The Jarnd of Waves' key responsibilities lies mostly with ensuring ships are able to dock and leave Ironholm with minimal issues while also making sure contraband doesn't make its way in. The Jarnd is also in charge of appointing the Port Admiral of the Gulls.
  • Jarnd of Bones
    Responsible for the city's maintenance and expansion the Jarnd of Bones is in charge of all constructions, renovations and demolitions that take place in the city. The Jarnd of Stone unfortunately has one of the most important but monotonous roles in the council, spending much of their time looking over regulations and requests. The only role the councillor has that deviates from this is the appointment of rites to those who wish to live in the Manors district of the city.
  • Jarnd of Bones
    The City of Ironholm has two sites closely tied to the realm of death, the city's cemetery and the tunnels that run below the city from Angarth Keep. Both of these sites, due to their deathly connection can be spawning grounds for the undead. As such the Jarnd of Bones' key responsibility is to ensure the city is free of undead. This role also involves the exploration of these tunnel networks in order to find the fabled Undercity of Ironholm.
City Council
Base of Operations
Angarth Keep, Ironholm
High Jarnd
Marcus Riven
Jarnd of Coin
Jarek Wolfclaw
Jarnd of Blades
Tahila Snowfall
Jarnd of Hearts
Eria Stormchaser
Jarnd of Men
Ertin Ironfist
Jarnd of Chains
Ayala Swiftfoot
Jarnd of Waves
Nariel Redblade
Jarnd of Stone
Zurin Wetrock
Jarnd of Bones
Aric Blackwood

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