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High Jarnd

The High Jarnd is the head councillor of the Jarndir Council and the leader of the city of Ironholm. They are elected by the council to serve as the city's chief executive and are responsible for overseeing council meeting and other administritive tasks.


As the leader of the council and the city, the High Jarnd has a number of important roles and responsibilities, including:
  • Presiding over council meetings and making sure debates do not go out of control. The High Jarnd has the final say on all matters of policy and administration, and is responsible for ensuring that the council operates smoothly and efficiently.
  • Leading the city and representing it to the outside world. The High Jarnd is the face of the city and serves as its ambassador to other cities, countries, and organizations. They are responsible for promoting the city's interests and negotiating on its behalf.
  • Making appointments to some key positions within the city. The High Jarnd has the authority to appoint individuals to important roles, such as judges, and other officials. They must ensure that these appointments are made in the best interests of the city.
  • Maintaining the safety and security of the city. While the High Jarnd does not have direct control over the city's guard or other security forces, they are responsible for ensuring that the city is protected and that its citizens feel safe. They may also be called upon to resolve conflicts or address emergencies within the city.


The High Jarnd is granted a number of items to represent his position as head of the council. These include:
  • Black Iron Crown of Ironholm
  • Gorgandr's Tooth - (a sword rumoured to be forged from the great dragon's tooth)
  • The Jarnd Sceptre - (a ceremonial sceptre)
All these items are adorned during meetings or festivals which the High Jarnd is attending. However, most of the time only the sword and crown are worn due to their powerful magical enchantments that keep the High Jarnd safe.
Head of State
--Current Holder::Marcus Riven
Previous Holder
Gelin Greenwake


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