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Located on the rugged shores of the Passageways, Ironholm is built around the ancient keep of Angarth. The keep, once home to a powerful warlord and his host, now serves as a hub for mercenary companies from all over the Passageways and the greater Gorgandr's Basin. These companies, consisting of skilled warriors and strategists, launch their expeditions to foreign lands from the city's port, involving themselves in causes and conflict all over Aecris.

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As you approach the port of Ironholm, you are struck by the imposing sight of the ancient castle at its centre. The castle, built from grey stone and standing tall on a rocky hill, overlooks the bustling port below.
The port is home to a number of warehouses and storage facilities, where merchants and traders can store and sell their wares. You can see many of them moving goods in and out of these facilities too and from the many ships that are moored to the various jetties that populate the dock.
Upon getting closer the smell of salt and fish fill your nose as you can now see the various fishmongers that are processing the morning catches. You can also hear the sounds of smiths working away on arms and armours, along with the flocks of sea birds that circle the docks looking for scraps to eat.


Due to the quantity and quality of the mercenaries present in the city, the streets of Ironhold are filled with people from all walks of life. Smiths and Tanners supply equipment to the various companies that come and go from the city, while merchant purchase the goods these mercenaries bring back from their campaigns. Along with those who support and work with the mercenaries, there are also those who come to the city looking for adventure. As such the port is always busy with ships of all sizes coming and going throughout the day, bringing with them goods, men, and stories from lands near and afar.
Despite its martial nature, Ironholm is a peaceful city. This is primarily due to the Andervir Guard, and the strict laws of the Jarndir Council, which is made up of the captains of the largest companies present in the city. While the councillors may fight amongst themselves with political manoeuvrings and intrigue they will inevitably band together if an outside force tries to gain influence or control over their city.


Ironholm is located on the banks of Coldwater Bay, in the North of the Passageways. It is the only city in the passageways located on the coast and as such is the main port of trade for the region.
The city lays claim to not only the bounds of the city itself but also all the land 20 km in any direction.
There are only two roads that leave the city, neither of which is paved or well-maintained. This is primarily due to the fact that most of the travel in the region is done via boat. These roads are:
  • Trader's Way
    The road used by merchants to bring goods overland to the village of Baldinway, which allows for further travel into the northern regions of Gorgandr's Basin without the need to travels the Serpent Straits.
  • Penance Path
    This path runs along the coast and through the city's market connecting it via land to most of the villages and hamlets along the coast of the Passageways. This path is walked by those who have been branded Ortharks(Unable to sail). It is believed completing the journey from one end to the other will redeem oneself.
To the North of the City lies a thick taiga forest from which the city's timber industry is run. These forests are home to the famous Gorgandr Pines, famous for their hardness and the green veins that run through the wood. It is believed another city is located under the current one. The legends say that Angarth is actually just the tip of a much larger structure that was built deep into the earth. Many adventurers have come to Ironhold in order to uncover this legendary under-city however, none have succeeded yet.

Districts and Locations

Located on the rugged shores of the Passageways, Ironholm is built around the ancient keep of Angarth. The keep, once home to a powerful warlord and his host, now serves as a hub for mercenary companies from all over the Passageways and the greater Gorgandr's Basin. These companies, consisting of skilled warriors and strategists, launch their expeditions to foreign lands from the city's port, involving themselves in causes and conflict all over Aecris.
Originally the settlement only consisted of Angarth Keep and its surrounding wall. However, over the years as the settlement grew, new districts were built to accommodate the increase in population. These districts are now populated by the various factions of mercenaries that now run the city. In the past, these districts each had their own militias. However, due to the unrest and in-fighting, this caused, these district militias were combined into the Andervir Guard.

The Towers

The Towers encompass Angarth Keep and the administrative centre of the city. Located within the district are the Keep and Walls, the Council Hall, the Andervir Guard Barracks, and a number of ancillary buildings to support the running of the city. This ward has little residential usage, with only the Barracks being used for permanent residence. Along with the barracks, there are a number of buildings used to house foreign diplomats and guests of the city during their visits where they can be kept under the watchful eyes of the city's guards.

The Manors

Located North West of the Towers, the Manors is home to many of the notable and renowned residents of the city. This includes the High Jarnd, Marcus Riven. To be allowed to reside in the Manors, one must gain permission from the Jarndir Council. As such the district's residents are mostly veteran mercenary captains, city officials (temporary residents during their employment), and retired adventurers.

Old Town Barracks

As the first expansion of the city after it was taken over by mercenaries, it is a wealthy district home to those who have made a name for themselves and established a comfortable lifestyle. It is known for its spacious homes and well-maintained streets. Many of the mercenaries who live in this district have had successful careers and have built up their wealth through their profession. It is also home to a number of well regarded inns accessible only through invitation.

The Gullies

The westernmost district in Ironholm, the Gullies are home to city residents who work in various industries and trades but are not affiliated with any particular mercenary company. it is known as the people's district and is notable for the many unpaved roads which flood during the season of Brashla from which the district derives its name. it is also home to many inns and taverns which are frequented both by locals and visitors to the city.

New Town Barracks

Much like the Old Town Barracks, this district is home to many mercenary companies. However, its residents are those who are newer to the profession, often not having the wealth or prestige to set up a head quarters in the Old Town. As such the building here while still modest are less grand than their Old Town counterparts. The Old Town is known for its tight-knit community, which supports each other far more than is seen in other districts in the city.

The Markets

The bustling heart of Ironholm, is known for its rich markers where goods from all over Theren-Sa can be found. A constant flow of people moves through the Markets, browsing wares, enjoying the street performers or looking to pay their respect to a deity at the Temple of St Narith. The merchants found in the Market are often visitors coming to the city to sell their wares and load up on goods to transport to their next destination.

The Docklands

Home to the main docks of the city, this district is the main route in and out of the city. Along the water front one can find the many merchant warehouses where goods are stored before making their way to artisan stores, outbound ships or other locations throughout the city. Due to the constant arrival and depature of ships to the docklands the Andevir Guard has a special detatchment designed to prevent smugglers from being to operate in the city, who are headquarted in the docklands

The Rookery

Located on the eastern edge of the city, the rookery is known for being the poorest and least developed districts of Ironholm. It is home to those who are unable to afford housing in other parts of the city, and is generally considered to be the most dangerous area of Ironholm. As such it has a large amount of patrols and is closley watched by those in the iron quarter.

Iron Quarter

Home to Ironholm's: courts, prisons and foundries the Iron Quarter is one of the most well guarded areas of the city after the Towers. Due to the nature of the district there is no residential buildings or ammenities present. The District is guarded at all entrances with arrivals needing special froms in order to pass through.

The Timberlands

The North Eastern district of the city, the Timberlands are where those who work in the timber industry reside. A constant flow of wood arrives into the district from the logging camp North of the city where they are processed into construction goods and furniture. The district is almost entirely built from wood making it stand out from the mostly stone constructions the make up the other districts.
Coastal, Taiga
Humans, Elves, Half-Orc
Mixed Worship
Governing Type
Stratocratic Council
High Jarnd
Marcus Riven
Governing Body
Jarndir Council
Judicial Body
Iron Garrison
Wines, Furs, Metal, Exotic Goods
Metal Goods, Mercenaries, Timber, Jewelry
  • Drake(PP)
  • Crown(GP)
  • Sword(SP)
  • Fish(CP)

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