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Andervir Guard

The Andervir Guard is a well-trained and disciplined militia responsible for maintaining order in the city of Ironholm. Their ranks are made up of soldiers from the various mercenary companies that are based in the city, as well as a number of local recruits.
The primary function of the Guard is to ensure that the people of Ironholm are safe and protected. As such they are often seen patrolling the streets of the city, ready to respond to any threats or disturbances. They are under the control of the Iron Garrison, ensuring that the city's laws are followed to the letter.


The Andevir Guard is made up of around 400 men. As mentioned their primary purpose is to maintain law and order in the city of Ironholm. This includes: patrolling, apprehending and punishing prisoners. In times of war, their numbers can be bolstered by the members of the mercenary companies present in the city raising their effective numbers to nearly 8000.
The base salary for a member of the city guard is 4 Crowns increasing as they move up the ranks. Along with this pay they are provided with their equipment and weapons.
A special division of the Andevir Guard exists which specialises in any smuggling and water base combat. The "Gulls" as they are known operate almost exclusively in the docklands district of Ironholm but have been seen in the Markets port at times.


Those in the Andervir Guard are provided with all the equipment they will need in order to complete their duties. For a standard Vigilent (see image on right), the following equipment is provided:
  • Spear
  • Sheild (wooden)
  • Chainmail
  • Helmet
  • Greaves
  • Gaunlet
  • Leather/Hide coverings
  • Bear skin cloak
  • Rope and Manacles
  • Leather Pouch


Before the Andervir Guard was formed the law in Ironholm was maintained by individual mercenary companies. During this period organised crime became rampant and fighting between different companies was a frequent occurrence. In order to bring order to the city once more and prevent the infighting that was rampant throughout the city the Jarndir Council created the Andervir Guard and outlawed all private militia guard from operating in the city. To prevent the Guard from being controlled indirectly by one or more companies located in the city, the Guard will only take a certain number of people from each company. These members are then separated from one another to foster cooperation between different mercenary groups to further ensure that peace will be kept in the city.
City Guard
Base of Operations
Iron Quarter, Ironholm
Aefwen Shadowblade
Andervir Guard Ranks
The Andervir Guard follow a simple hierarchy where lower-ranked guards follow the order of those of a higher rank. Each rank increase correlates with a more significant amount of responsibility and more individuals under one's command. These ranks are:
  • Vigilent (Private)
  • Overseer (Sergeant)
  • Operant (Lieutenant)
  • Justicar (Captain)
  • First Justicar (Lieutenant Colonel)
The Gulls have their own titles, which map onto those of the main guard, these are:
  • Marine
  • Helmsmen
  • Swains
  • Port Admiral
Notably, there is no Senior Justicar equivalent due to the Port Admiral answering to the First Justicar as the other Justicars do.


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