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Marcus Riven

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Marcus is a tall and physically imposing man, with broad shoulders and a muscular frame. He has dark hair and a thick beard, which gives him a rugged, commanding appearance. His eyes are piercing and seem to take in everything around him, and his mouth is set in a determined line, suggesting a strong will and a fierce determination.


Marcus Riven is the High Jarnd of the city of Ironholm. He rose to this position at the age of 30 after two years of serving on the city's Jarndir Council as the Jarnd of Blades. He is known for his strong leadership skills and his ability to make tough decisions in the face of difficult challenges, something that has aided him greatly in his position so far.
Before joining the Council, Marcus served for many years as an independent soldier for hire, building a reputation as one of the most skilled and reliable mercenaries in the region. Through many years of working with the mercenary companies of Ironholm, Marcus earned enough respect and wealth to found his own company in the city at the age of 24.
Upon becoming the High Jarnd, despite the challenges that come with governing a community of mercenaries, Marcus proved to be an effective leader, and his decisions have helped to maintain order and stability within the settlement. Under his leadership, the settlement has prospered and grown, attracting new members and building a reputation as asource of military services unseen anywhere else in the Dragon Fjords.
Marcus is known to be fair and just, with a strong sense of honor and a deep sense of responsibility towards those under his leadership. He is a skilled leader and a wise strategist, with a wealth of experience gained from years of serving as a mercenary. Marcus is highly respected by those who know him, and he commands loyalty and devotion from those who serve under him. He is a decisive and decisive leader, with a strong sense of purpose and a clear vision for the future of his settlement.
Lawful Good
High Jarnd of Ironholm
Jarnds Manor, Ironholm
Jarndir Council


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