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Dragon Fjords


The Dragon Fjords are located in the northern reaches of Theren-Sa isolated from many others by the storm-ridden seas to the west and the imposing slopes of the Draconian Mountains, from which the fjords get their names.   The lands of the Dragon Fjords are frigid, rugged, and filled with: rich taiga, glaciers, pebble coastlines, and frozen marshes. The year is split into 4 seasons 3 short and 1 long. These are:
  • Brashla(Thawing Period)
  • Nemir(Growing Period)
  • Neptin(Storm Period)
  • Frexal(The Frozen Period)
Due to the inability to grow, hunt, or travel for food during Frexal many able-bodied individuals will travel to other regions during the Brashla and Nemir, bringing back food, supplies, and other luxuries either through trade or raiding. returning home before the storms of Neptin make travel by sea to the region impossible.   It is not only the environment that makes life hard for the inhabitants of the Dragon Fjords, it is also the creatures they share these lands with. From dire beasts to trolls and elementals, the fjords are a dangerous place for even seasoned adventurers. However, the most notable of all the hazards of the fjords are the Dragons who roost in the peaks of the mountains.   The Dragons inhabited the region long before the mortal races with the oldest and most powerful having their names given to the various peaks and valleys of the region. In the modern age though very few have ever seen one of the legendary dragons with many thinking they have passed away, leaving behind their mountain hoards. Those brave enough to make the journey are promised riches beyond their imagination, as long as the dragons are indeed gone...  


The lands of the Dragon Fjords are divided between the valleys and the mountains, each of which is named after one of the ancient dragons that resided in the area.

The Valleys

The valley regions of the Dragon Fjords are home to the vast majority of the Fjord's population centres. Almost all of these settlements are located on or in close proximity to the coast to allow for travel by water. The preferred method for the region, due to the danger present in overland travel.
Gorgandr's Basin
The Northern half of the Erfolg Fjord, the basin is home to the hardiest of the Dragon Fjord's adventurers. Here the ground remains frozen almost all year round and the entrance of the valley, Alfwen's Pass is only traversable by water during Nemir. Due to this, the region is famous for its mercenaries who are hired all across Theren-Sa.
Ymir's Bay
The Southern half of the Erfolg Fjord, located in the North of the Dragon Fjords. The deep waters of the bay along with the shelter from the Kolloth Sea provided by the Raughan Peaks to the west make it an ideal spot for hunting large sea creatures. It is also home to the largest trading city in the whole region, Whaleport. It is here that most travelers arrive to the Dragon Fjords.
Rahl's Fjord
The middle of the three main fjords, notable for its distinctive forked tributaries. The region is also famous for the numerous mines located in the mountains that surround it making its Dwarf majority cities some of the richest of the Fjords, such as Ughul-mir, Kamil-kod and Thoron-Dhur.
Circe's Bay
Found between Rahl's Fjord and Aderwulf's Fjord, the bay is home to most of the Dragon Fjord's Orc population who settled the region centuries ago. The region is famous for its hot springs which are common in the area making it a popular tourist destination for those local to the Fjords.
Aderwulf's Fjord
The Southernmost of the Fjords, known for being the only region that can grow wine in the Dragon Fjords. Aderwulf,s Fjord is home to some of the region's greatest natural wonders. With sites such as the Golden Reef of Haefor and the Isaz Path.

The Isles

The isles comprise of the two island clusters located in the South West of the region way from the mainland. These islands are believed to be formed from the corpses of two great dragons that were slain long ago. They are famous for the many legends that tell of the treasure that may be found for any skilled and strong enough to make it to the islands and retreive it.
Vasuki's Isle
Located South East of the mainland, Vasuki's isle is formed around the corpse of the great dragon Vasuki. The island is almost impossible to reach due to the almost constant storms that surround the island year-round. However, it is said that Vasuki's hoard can be found somewhere on the island. Though none have ever survived the trip to confirm this.
Ymma's Isle
Ymma was the child of the great dragon Vasuki who was slain with her mother long ago. Her corpse too became on of the isles of the Dragon Fjords. Unlike her mother Ymma's Isle is not surrounded by storms but is instead known to trap its victims by making them never want to leave.
Setting Region
Tundra, Taiga, Fjords
Prominent Ancestries
Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs
Dragon Fjorder, Northmen
Dragon Fjords


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Sounds like a great place for adventure to happen! I like the reference to norse myth in the naming of Ymir's bay, and I'm sure there's others I'm missing too.

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