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Black Iron Crown

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The Crown of the High Jarnd is a striking piece of regalia, made entirely of black iron. Its silhouette is tall and slender, with a series of sharp points rising from the top, highest and the front and then descending in height as they make their way to the back of the crown. The front of the crown is adorned with a large, glowing gemstone, set in a circular pattern of smaller stones.


The Crown of the High Jarnd of the Jarndir Council serves as a symbol of the authority and leadership over the city of Ironholm. The crown is worn by the High Jarnd during official council meetings and other important ceremonies and events. It is a powerful reminder of the High Jarnd's role as the leader of the Jarndir Council and the city of Ironholm.
But the Crown of the High Jarnd is more than just a symbol of office. It is imbued with magical powers that aid the High Jarnd in the performance of their duties. The glowing gemstone on the front of the crown is a conduit for these powers, which can be activated by the High Jarnd at will.
Some of the Crowns knwon abilities are as follows:
  • Calming aura - The crown exudes an aura than keep those around it calm
  • Surface Readings - The Crown allows the wearer to read the surface thoughts of those around them
  • Enhancement - Wearing the crown provides an increase to all the mental faculties of the one who wears it aiding them in their role as leader.
  • Protection - The Crown helps defend its wearer by giving them an early warning to threats around them


The history of the Crown of the High Jarnd is steeped in legend and mystery. It is said that the crown was crafted by the greatest blacksmiths of Ironholm, who were aided by powerful sorcerers in imbuing the crown with its magical powers. The crown has been passed down through the generations, originally through the old lords of the keep. However, once the fort was abandoned by the old lords of legend the crown was not seen again.


For years, the Jarndir Council searched for the lost crown, scouring the city and the surrounding countryside for any sign of its whereabouts. But as the years passed, hope began to fade that the crown would ever be found. It seemed that the Crown of the High Jarnd was destined to remain lost forever, a distant memory of a bygone era.
But then, one day, a group of adventurers stumbled upon a series of tunnels deep beneath the city of Ironholm. The tunnels were ancient and long forgotten, with this discovery a new position was added to the Jarndir Council; the Jarnd of Bones, whose duty it would be to explore these new tunnels.
Over many years the tunnels were further explored until eventually a group of adventuerers found a sealed chest amongst other items in a monster hoard in one of the chambers found in the tunnels. It took over a year and many experts to eventually open the chest, discovering the lost crown inside.
The council was overjoyed at the return of the lost crown, and they knew that it was a sign that the city of Ironholm was destined for great things. The High Jarnd Marcus Riven was adorned with the Black Iron Crown a grand ceremony,
Black Iron
Yes, Enchanted
Age of Legends


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