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Eria Stormchaser


Eira Snowfall has a slender build and delicate features. They has long, silver hair that is often braided and pinned up in a bun, and their piercing blue eyes seem to see right through you. Eira exudes grace and confidence, and their lithe movements give her a certain elegance that belies their martial skill. Despite their graceful appearance, Eira gives of the feeling of a coiled viper ready to strike at a moments notice.


Eira Snowfall is a half-elf and Jarnd of Hearts on the Jarndir Council of Ironholm with a reputation for being graceful and cunning in battle.
Eira is known to be a graceful warrior, with a sharp mind and an even quicker blade. They is fiercely loyal to those they considers friends and will go to great lengths to protect them.
As the Jarnd of Hearts, Eira is responsible for the city's religious affairs and is highly respected by the city's many religous communitites, due to their ability to easily mediate disputes in a fair manner. They oversee the many different churches that operate in the city and ensures they do not cause any disturbances, while also ensuring they are able to practice their rites. Eira decides who gets to have festivals and when those festivals can take place, and Eria's role allows for the relatively diverse worship of the city to not interfere with its running.
Eira's strong sense of justice and their desire to protect those in need also played a significant role in them becoming a council member. They have always had a deep interest in religion and spiritual matters, and they saw serving as the Jarnd of Hearts as a way to use their skills and influence to promote harmony and understanding within the city. This desire stems from their own unique background and the discrimination they faced from the elves being a half-elf and the plight of her parents who were outcasts in their community due to their religious beliefs.
by missdreamsofmuses
Human, Half-elf
Jarnd of Hearts
The Golden House, Ironholm
Jarndir Council


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