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Tahila Snowfall


Standing around 3 feet in height, Tahil gives off the energy of someone double her size. She has a cocky smirk on her face matched with a pair of steely blue eyes that seem to analyse your every move. Her brown hair is worn back in a tight bun as to keep it from getting in the way.


Tahlia Snowfall is the halfing Jarnd of Blades for the city of Ironholm. Standing only three feet tall, she may appear small and unassuming, but her quick wit and nimble movements make her a formidable opponent. As such she has a reputation for being cunning and resourceful in battle.
Tahila is known as hot-headed and is often ready for a fight at a moment's notice, often being the one to start them. However, this is not always the case as she is known for having a soft spot for children, often going out of her way to ensure they are safe and happy. She can usually be found during her time off entertaining the children of the city either by showing off her impressive swordsmanship or by training them in how to hold a blade.
As the Jarnd of Blades, Tahlia is responsible for the city of Ironhold's military affairs and is highly respected by her fellow council members for her strategic mind and leadership skills. She is a key figure in the city's defence and is often called upon to lead difficult or dangerous missions. Tahlia however, is not one for long-term thinking or tedious meetings and often neglects the more bureaucratic aspects of her role. She relies on the hard work of her assistants to ensure the paperwork is done correctly and in a timely fashion.
Before becoming a Jarnd, Tahlia Snowfall was a mercenary captain, leading her own company and building a reputation as one of the most successful in the region. She earned a great deal of respect and wealth through her work as a mercenary, and this experience has proved invaluable in her role as a council member. Tahlia is known for her ability to make tough decisions in the face of difficult challenges, which have aided her greatly in her position as Jarnd of Blades.
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Neutral Good
Jarnd of Baldes
Angarth Keep, Ironholm
Jarndir Council


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