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Ertin Ironfist

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Ertin Iron Fist is an old dwarf captain with a no-nonsense and gruff appearance. Standing at just over four feet tall, he has a stout build and a rugged, weathered look, with long, white hair that is often braided and adorned with small trinkets and totems. His piercing grey eyes seem to miss nothing, and his thick, scarred hands are a testament to his years of experience in combat.


Estin is the Jarnd of Men on the Jarndir Council in the city of Ironholm. Ertin is known to have a bad personality and is not always easy to get along with. He is gruff and blunt, and he has a tendency to speak his mind without considering the feelings of others. Despite this, he is an effective negotiator and has a keen ability to find secrets, making him an excellent negotiator. In his role as Jarnd of Men, Ertin is responsible for managing all of the foreign diplomats who arrive in the city and ensuring that all guests of the city are well taken care of. He is also charged with overseeing the city's intelligence defence and gathering, making him a key figure in the city's security. It is believed that he has a network of spies operating in the city. However, not even the other council members have been able to verify if these rumours are true.
Ertin's background is somewhat unusual for a council member, as he was not always a mercenary. He was born into a wealthy merchant family in the city of Ironholm and lived a comfortable life as a young dwarf. However, Ertin had always been fascinated by the stories of brave warriors and daring adventurers, and he longed for the opportunity to prove himself in battle. When he turned 50, he left his comfortable life behind and set out to become a mercenary.
Ertin quickly proved to be a skilled information gatherer, and he rose through the ranks of the mercenary community. He founded his own company and became one of the most successful espionage contractors in the region, earning a great deal of respect and wealth in the process. When a vacancy opened up on the Jarndir Council, Ertin was offered the position of Jarnd of Men, and he accepted, seeing it as an opportunity to use his skills and influence to protect the city he called home as well as deepen his grip on those who inhabit it.
by Zamfir
Lawful Evil
Jarnd of Men
The Gold House, Ironholm
Jarndir Council


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