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The Lord of the Hunt

The deity Bo-Rak is renowned as the lord of hunting and is considered to be the embodiment of sportsmanship, competition, and triumph. According to legends, he believed that in order to create a perfect world, he had to create some of the most fearsome and dangerous apex predators, such as the fiend, the direwolf, and the griffin.   Bo-Rak is also the creator of the werewolf, a power initially bestowed upon those who had earned his trust and respect. He delights in hosting grand hunts and competitions where his loyal followers are pitted against each other and the most dangerous prey.   The Hunting Ground, Bo-Rak's Realm, is an expansive forest home to many deadly predators, including the fiend. If a werewolf dies, Bo-Rak claims their soul to hunt in his realm forever. This is possible because a werewolf's soul is corrupted, and the Reaper will not collect it. If Bo-Rak fails to claim them, then Killian will, as she believes werewolf's souls are dirty and require purification.   Bo-Rak is a muscular man with brown hair and hazel eyes. He wears fur clothing and is often armed with his hunting bow and knife.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
light brown


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