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The Beasts of Old

These large carnivores were some of the first great beasts to inhabit the world, even before the mystics. They were on of the Ynue's first attempts at creation, and they were made by combining a number of Yanu's more basic creatures, such as a ram and lion.  


They are large beasts nearing the size of elephants, with the horns of goats or elk and the bodies of a yellow feline, with long curved claws. Their heads resemble those of a bull, with much smaller noses, and the eyes of a goat, and large teeth, made for ripping into flesh, their ears resemble those from a boar, large and hairy. Some of them even sport large black manes, extending from their head, down their neck and onto their back. All of them have fur concentrated at their backs, colored black or grey.  


They had once ruled all of the world's biomes, but now they are mostly found in the forests. They are highly territorial and will defend their hunting grounds to the death, from each other as well as from other predators, especially the direwolf, with whom they are often forced to share hunting grounds.  

Anatomy and Mating Habits

They give live birth, their young do not suckle, they immediately start eating meat. Fiends are solitary and will only come together to mate or fight over territory, often a male's territory will overlap with several females, but if ever the territory of two males overlaps, there will be a fight, and one of them will probably die. It is because of this that fiend mothers have to take care of their babies by themselves, especially because a male fiend will kill any young that aren't his, this has caused the females to grow bigger than their male counterparts.


the fiends natural enemy is the Direwolf


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