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The Lady of Light

Killian is the embodiment of purity, beauty, and cleanliness, and despises anything dark, dirty, or impure. Her powers are vast and mysterious, and she is known for creating some of the most beautiful creatures in the world, such as ladybugs and unicorns.¬†She is also known for collecting the souls of those she considers polluted or impure, and putting them in her beacon to purify them. This process is said to be quite agonizing.   Killian has a deep-seated hatred of the undead, particularly vampires. As a result, her followers tend to be vampire hunters. She uses her magic to lure them into a state of eternal bliss and wholeness, which is how she recruits them. In exchange for their service, she promises them power and fulfillment. However, those who become bound to her service become her slaves for eternity, and their souls belong to her even after death.   Killian's realm, Nova, is a warm and welcoming place, where the sky is as bright as the sun with many pretty flowers and rolling hills. However, the screams of pain that echo throughout the realm from her beacon, which lies in the center of her realm, make it an unsettling place.   Killian herself is a sight to behold. She appears as a slender woman with long white-blond hair and skin that glows like the sun. She is often seen wearing thin red robes that cling to her every curve. Her beauty is both captivating and terrifying, and those who gaze upon her are often left feeling both entranced and uneasy.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
like the sun


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