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The Ynue are the ancient first inhabitants of the world. They lived in the world for a very long time and caused it to look the way it does now, raising mountains, carving out canyons, as well as creating the seas and oceans, leaving no trace of what the world looked like before their arrival. Seen as dark gods, beings of menacing and incomprehensible power and intentions, they are not real gods, as this would imply their omnipotence. in most places they are denounced as dark beings unworthy of worship, although this doesn't stop each of them from attracting their own cultist followings, seeing themselves as the rightful rulers of the world.   long ago, in times relegated to myth and legend, the Ynue were all banned from this world, by a cosmic event now not remembered. Each religion has its own theory as to where the Ynue came from and why they were banished, most saying they used to be the servants of the divine, who betrayed their purpose, and rebelled, which is why they were banished.   When they were cast from this world, they each moved to their own realms, worlds of their own, and even though they could form these worlds to their will, and make them exactly how they wanted, still, ever they long to return to the realm of mortals, from which they originate.   Instead, they have to make do with expressing their power and influence through their cults, this does not grant them the influence they desire, but it is all they have access to. These cults are all banned however, some more being more despised than others, none of the Ynue are what you would call "nice" and most would reject their foul presence, and dark temptations of magics The way most of the Ynue gather a following is with the promise of grand powers, and the ability and unlock all they would ever want. such as Bo-Rak's werewolves, or Appolyus and Mallakar's vampires. Other Ynue disguises their goals as just or righteous, in order to bend the minds of mortals to their will. Such as the cult of Killian's Cross.  


The Ynue are also known for their dislike of each other, caused by ancient rivalries, and their ambitions of ruling the world overlapping with each other. This is why different Ynue cults will often hate each other, and engage in conflict. This is also why vampires and werewolves are natural enemies, and why the lesser and greater vampires, don't exactly get along.   Many who join with one of the Ynue might regret it later, realising they were tricked or deceived, and seeking to escape they dark overlords, but once an Ynue has taken a follower, they will not easily let go of them, and leaving such a cult might end in your death, others are quite happy with their newfound powers, and serve their master loyally until the end of their life. This is mostly influenced by the choice of Ynue, as some are better masters than others.   Where Bo-Rak and Appolyus simply grant power in exchange for favours, an Ynue like Mallakar will demand nothing less than eternal serfdom from those who lend his powers, and Mirani, rather than enriching and empowering her subjects, poisons their bodies and minds, in exchange for a snippet of power.  


None of the Ynue have a physical form by nature, but they generally have a single physical form they tend to adopt, to distinguish themselves from their peers, in the presence of mortals. However, there are also those among them who have embraced their formless nature and have made it their defining physical characteristic.
All of the Ynue rule their subjects differently. Where Bo-Rak might order his champion to kill a band of Killian's priests, Mirani might order her hags to remove the toenails of local towns babes, and make soup from them, and Mallakar only desires power and dominion, and will order the enslavement of entire nations, if the opportunity presents itself. And Yfnar? He simply sows chaos, he will order his disciples to do whatever is least expected and will cause the most discord. Each has their own way, but above all, their ways are against each other.


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