The warrior's rest

Now a popular expression, the warrior's rest is in fact a building for the soldiers of the Theocracy of Homeca created by The Council. Its purpose is to prepare body and mind for the next battles. As rest is important for morale and health, It is important that soldiers are rested, relaxed and mentally strong, so a body care center has been set up in the capital. So, when soldiers get a leave, they can get their health back there.   The establishment offers many different activities and facilities. He has a panel of
choices. From distraction to exercise and obviously, the rest. Because, as said before, the purpose of the warrior's rest is to ensure that the soldiers are rested and this is very important to the point that it is a condition for going out. Without having had a minimum of rest, access to the outside is prohibited but it is also forbidden to stay too long.
  Officers enjoy certain privileges such as access to private indoor gardens or private rest areas.  

A medical center

Even if it doesn't look like it, it's a medical center. He is under constant surveillance and the soldiers are supervised by doctors and specialists. Soldiers have a more or less important medical follow-up depending on their conditions. Traumatized people have access to a psychological cell. The injured requiring rehabilitation are closely monitored and have access to
special facilities such as the 18 heated swimming pools. The amputees benefiting from extensions have a technical follow-up with the engineers on site.


From the outside, you can't see the wonders of this centre. This huge modern building is in the upper city. Mixture of wood, stone and white metal parts, it looks like an ultra modern hospital. But its position in the city create a lot of curiosity because it is close to the Royal Palace and the Temple of the Cult of Life.


Created 2200 years ago, it was suggested by Shemhazai, visiting Masa. Not knowing what he wanted to say, Zuriel took care of the design of the center, but it was quickly destroyed because it looked more like a slaughterhouse. Human architects were given the task of doing something more beneficial than the old prototype, which allowed the center that all soldiers know today. For the anecdote, we can sometimes see Zuriel come have a little fun.
Hospitality, Spa
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Soldiers also have access to saunas
A rest room


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