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Cult of Life

"Will we unite in the splendour of the Cult of Life?"
— Anonyme
  Founded after Theocracy, the Cult of Life is a source of propaganda and allows the Council to control the inhabitants by faith.   By convincing them that the other races want their loss and above all destroy Drovil's heritage, Humans transform themselves into a war machine crying out for revenge. Thanks to this, the ranks of the Obsidian Legion quickly grew in spite of the very limited selection criteria.   Speeches, events of celebrations, so many ways to get soldiers who want to fight, workers convinced to work for the good cause. Every effort has been made to ensure that theocracy can feed a war that could last for several years.   In addition to this strategic aspect, this cult has a real ideological side because, in spite of its goal, it conveys healthy precepts, sometimes very far from being religious.
Religious, Cult
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