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Arthur Theodore Wallace

Arthur Theodore Wallace (a.k.a. Genocide Archbishop)

He is the actual archbishop of the Cult of life. He is a cruel man who use people against their will to achieve his ends.   Arthur had a huge love for Holy Swords and was fascinated by the legend of Excalibur since childhood. Upon finding out that he could not use Excalibur, he fell into despair and held admiration for those that could wield Excalibur. That feeling became so powerful that he started to conduct an experiment to create those who could use it. When his experiment proved unsuccessful, he decided to utilize poisonous gas to dispose of the children that were test subjects in the experiments, which resulted in his banishment. In fact, he was so heartless that he mentioned that Michael was more Human than him.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Arthur had the appearance of a short, bespectacled elderly man.

Facial Features

He has a moustache.

Apparel & Accessories

He's wearing a priest outfit.

Mental characteristics

Failures & Embarrassments

He failed to use Caliburn.
Black eyes
Gray hair
Aligned Organization


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