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Humans today have supremacy over the world even though they are not its first inhabitants. Humans have a knack for adapting to survive, if not prosper, in any climate. From the driest desert to the coldest tundra, you'll find who do what humans do best: multiply and urbanize.   Humans are less powerful than Werebeasts, although larger in size, but have a good command of builder techniques. They do not have the affinity of the elves with the magic that they have nevertheless managed to develop in this universe. Humans have succeeded in dominating the world thanks to their ability to reproduce faster than other races. Their sexual appetite even pushes them to seek the pleasures of lust with other races, which gave birth to the Half Humans. Their society is divided into two main parts: the first rule of brute force under the aegis of Homeca's Theocracy, dedicated to Drovil and which controls most of the world; The second, the Principality of Rande, is a nation that advocates diversity, where every individual especially, half-humans, can live in harmony with humans.   Humans are considered by other races to be "barbaric" and transvestite beings who abuse good flesh, alcohol and play. Possessive, envious, deceitful and dishonest by nature, individualistic without affinity with Norma. Humans use their power of persuasion to enlist each other and form armies with which they do not hesitate to invade neighbouring countries, out of a thirst for power and conquest. Theocracy has launched a great invasion on the world thanks to their knowledge of manufacturing techniques, especially by sharing information with certain Flugels. Humans have sold their own secrets in order to acquire those of others and to be able to use them in combination with their own techniques to create weapons and tools capable of giving them total supremacy. This conflict still exists today, but in a lesser but costly way, still today, there are many human losses, elves, dwarves and others, which will end not with a peace treaty or the signing of a truce, but with the total and overwhelming victory of Man.   Humans need beliefs or belonging to a caste to give meaning to their destiny. Religious orders, lodges and brotherhoods coexist, not without clashes in the Theocracy, the Obsidian Legion is one of them and it is a military order. Other Orders that originated a long time ago no longer exist today.   Humans dominate other races that they consider to be inferior and for whom they nourish a visceral racism. Any pretext is good for the organization of eradication or punitive actions. In Mäsa, non-humans are parked like subhumans in a reserved area or pushed back to the old city where even the poorest of men would refuse to live.   Faced with this problematic race, Werebeasts, Dwarves, Elves and the faction of Half-Human Predators united in the Alliance of Baram against Humans. Undergoing defeats, an inventor, Archibald Lerwick, created a technology that changed the course of the war in favour of humans once again.
300 years
Average Height
Between 1m60 and 1m80