Smith is located just two parsecs from Rehn and four from Westholm System which has made it an ideal location for a university. Moderately sized with room to grow, the main drawback is the very thin, tainted atmosphere which requires breathing gear when moving around outside. Most of the campus is enclosed, so this is generally not a problem.   The Scouts and the Navy maintain bases there, for recruting and training. Plenty of fuel availability makes it a natural for the capital routes.
Starport: Good
Diameter: 9964km 
Atmosphere: .3 atm Standard O2, N2 mix 
Population: 1 million
University controlled and managed
Shotguns are prohibited
Tech Level: 10
5 Gas Giants and no Planetoid Belts
Naval Base, Scout Base
by Vaclav G. Ujcik
by Vaclav G. Ujcik
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